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Crunchless abs review: Pregnancy induced flaring hormones

by Jane · 3 comments

crunchless-abs-reviewBefore I knew I was pregnant I was up in the early morning because I couldn’t sleep.  Since there is nothing else on TV except infomercials, I, of course, got suckered into watching the Crunchless Abs ones.  I was hooked.  

How easy would it be to do a few exercises that didn’t include crunches and have a flat, nice stomach, right?  Naturally I couldn’t wait to place my order.  This was on 11.11.08.

I got my BFP on 11.16.08 and completely forgot about my purchase made late one night.  Since I hadn’t received my Crunchless Abs package yet, you can imagine my surprise when I got billed again for a completely different amount than the first time.  This time I was charged $26.98.  Billed twice for something that I never received.  Nice.  I’m glad that I’m an avid watcher of my bank account online.  

I placed a call to customer service in December and the rep was most likely not from the U.S. and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying.  Some of the words I did hear were extremely rude and I was getting pissed off.  I told her that I wanted a refund because I hadn’t received my order and that I wanted to cancel whatever I had been enrolled in.  

She asked me why I wanted a refund.  I told her that I was pregnant and not interested in trying to obtain a flat stomach.  I want to happily sport my baby bump, whenever that should arrive.  She told me that my refund would take 7-10 business days and to simply return the next package (when I got it) and I would be issued a refund for the $26.  Ok fine.

The refund came and I was pleased.  

My next mission was to stalk the mailbox so that I could return the package that I had yet to receive.  My stalking ended shortly after because I got distracted with Christmas and New Years.  

Low and behold, I checked my account yesterday and guess what?  If you guessed that I was charged another amount of $19.99 you are correct!  Ding, ding, ding.

I have no idea what this charge was for and I still haven’t received the package.  So frustrating, especially when the rude customer service rep told me that she was canceling me from the monthly program.  

This morning I called once again and got a different person.  Again, slightly hard to understand, but way nicer to deal with.  Our conversation was brief and he issued me a refund for $46.  He told me that my membership had been cancelled and that I shouldn’t be charged anymore.  Woo hoo!

So my crunchless abs review is more a rant about the company itself and the first customer service rep.  I’m sure the product is good, if you ever receive it.  And, who knows, perhaps it’s a complete fluke that I didn’t receive 2 packages.  

Regardless of that, this pregnant girl will not be caring too much about my abs during pregnancy.  I think that would be weird if I did care.  I will proudly wear my baby bump when it arrives with a smile on my face.  

Now, as far as the bloat I’m experiencing now… that’s a whole other story!

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1 Jane

Thanks so much for the support, Jennifer and Jeanine! I look back on it now, and while it still frustrates me, I have to just laugh at how irate I was when I typed this post earlier. Pregnancy hormones sure are a funny thing! And you bet I’ll be blaming them all I can in the future, well at least the next 6 months! Ha, ha.

2 Jeanine

Wow, what a headache…. I’m glad you got it sorted out (hopefully!)

Jeanine’s last blog post..2 Questions?

3 Jennifer

You have every right to be frustrated, baby bump or not, poor customer service stinks! I too ordered something from an infomercial, what was I thinking??!! Had the exact experience that you did-ugh! Hang in there hun, you have the next fews months to blame the crazy hormones, I say go for it be as sassy as you want! Love you blog & so excited for you :)

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