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Congratulations to the 3 winners of our ebook!

by Tarzan · 1 comment

Before I dive into who the 3 winners of our ebook, Nap Time Cash are, I just thought that I’d share something that has been on my mind: The Holidays.  It’s getting close to Christmas and our little Monkey is more excited than ever.  Every day he asks us about presents – and we let him know that Santa brings presents to good little boys, and that seems to work… some of the time when he’s in one of his terrible 2 kicks.

Having a little child around the house certainly changes the feel of Christmas.  Jane and I were talking yesterday about how it makes us feel like a kid again.  Seeing Monkey’s excitement when we see Christmas lights or even Santa, which we did a few days ago, it worth it’s weight in gold.  Seeing him smile ear to ear the other day when he saw Santa was so cool and I’ll admit that it nearly brought tears to my eyes.  It was either seeing him brought me back to my childhood and all of the wonderful memories, or it was the bug that flew in my eye.  Either way, I’m really excited about this time of year for Monkey!

We’ve picked up several presents already and I KNOW that he’ll be super excited.  And speaking of being super excited, I used to choose 3 winning comment entry numbers at random.

They are…. 34, 11, 21

Congratulations to the winners!

Please check your comments and look at the number of your comment to see if you won.  If you are one of the winners, please contact us and we’ll send you the Nap Time Cash ebook right away.  Again, congrats!

From time to time I may provide updates on Jane and my writing business.  Don’t worry, it will not be a ton of updates, just things here and there every once in awhile.

As far as new updates on our side writing business, right now I’m spending some time looking for a few new clients.  There is a potential for a VERY niche client that I hope to hear back from and/or talk to this week regarding the proposal I sent last week.  This person is a referral of a referral, so we would have never ever found him out there otherwise.  (I talk a little about asking for referrals and what we say in the Nap Time Cash ebook.)

Anyway, I sent two proposals providing him with two options.  This is not a small project and both proposals are in the five-figures PLUS a percentage of revenue that his website earns for the next 12 months.  Would it be a lot of work if we get this client?  Yup. But the upside potential over the next 12 months plus the initial payment is so worth it.

I know some of you are wondering, how could I bid so high on a writing project?  As I talk a little about in Nap Time Cash, once you get a bunch of clients and start to find the areas you love to write about, work on becoming GOOD at writing content for those areas.  Look for ways you can become somewhat of an expert in an area.  You may already have some expertise in an area, or something that you’re already passionate about.  Or, if you are like me, it may take some time to find those little sweet spots where writing and researching is a breeze and you become fairly good at it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to tap into an industry where people pay very good money for content and expertise that just so happens to be in an area that I’ve been learning about, studying, and have experience with.  But like so many of you, I started with zero knowledge.  I started writing articles, content, blog posts, etc. for low amounts which allowed me to get/win clients, gain experience, and figure out the areas I love writing about and feel I’m good at.

Now over the years I’ve learned some tough lessons.  One of which is never counting your chickens before they hatch.  So we’ll see what happens with this client.  I expect that it will take a good couple of weeks to close this deal if we can win his business.  And I’m going to try to do anything and everything to win it.  If we do win his business, this does change a lot of things.  A lot.  But I’ll wait to talk about those chickens if they hatch.

Anyway, I truly hope that all the moms/dads out there who have a bit of time and an interest in making some money on the side check out our little ebook. Our little side business has saved us so many times and is on the track to becoming a much larger income source than we ever imagined.  We don’t make any promises – and we let you know upfront that it takes some work finding/securing clients, and then actually doing the writing.  It’s not some over night money making scheme.  And I know many of you could benefit from some extra cash – especially around the holidays.

One final side note that I will make… We have another potential client that could turn VERY interesting in a few months.  If we get this client, Jane and I will need to bring on a lot of help because the project is quite large.  So that means we’d be working the other side of the coin, which is hiring writers for short-term and long-term projects.  It’s a few months away, so stay tuned.  It would be very cool if we could hire some of you.  :)  We shall see.  Fingers crossed.

Again, congrats to the winners – don’t forget to contact us to get your ebook!

They are…. 34, 11, 21

Blog post coming in the next few days… Black Friday Deals And Toys!  Whoo Hoo!

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1 Tarzan

Since no one commented on this blog post, I see that the topic of running a side business form home is not of much interest to you guys. So no problem! We won’t really talk about our business on this blog and keep our blog mommy, daddy, baby, parenting, pregnancy, etc. related.

My last update that I will provide in regards to the above for anyone who is interested… I have had multiple conversations with my potential client that I talked about above over the last few days. The project scope has expended and I have received an offer that I will be getting back to him on next week. I’m ONLY sharing this with you to show you what is possible once you get your writing business up and running:

Here is his counter-offer back to me:

- $5,000 a month for 3 months starting in December, 2011
- An additional $5,000 paid in April once sales of his product is met in first 15-20 days
- An additional $10,000 paid in May if sales reach a certain amount of volume
- 15% of net sales of this product for a period of 12 months
- Offer to do 6-8 more projects like this for him in 2012
- Offer to earn a percentage of all sales in his business for managing writing/content

Personally, I am 100% confident that we will reach the sales volume requirements of his product to hit the bonuses, they are a fraction of what I am used to doing back several years ago for another business that I was involved with.

So if this project is all I did, it would take me Dec, Jan, and Feb to get all the written content that he needs. I’d be devoting 3 hours a day to this project, 6 days a week, which is a total of 18 hours a week. Times that by 3 months, that is a total of 54 hours worked. There is some upfront work I need to do the first day, so let’s round this up to a total of 60 hours of writing work.

If my writing stinks and I hit none of the bonuses, I’m getting paid $15,000.00 over the course of 3 months, divided by 60 hours of work, that means that I’d be making $250.00 PER HOUR.

If I hit his numbers (which I am confident I can do) I get $15,000 in bonus money. Thats a total of $30,000 paid to me, times 60 hours or work, that means I’d be making $500.00 PER HOUR.

And this does not count the 15% of net sales over the course of 12 months. Realistically, if his project does “just OK” this 15% would add another $30,000.00 to $60,000.00 to my income over the course of 2012 without any extra work, for just this one project.

Needless to say, I will be accepting his offer next week. This project also blows open the doors as far as writing projects and income potential. Now I don’t count chickens before they hatch, as he could change his mind or something could come up… but if this does come in, I will be thinking of ways that I can expand and get more clients like this one. Looks like our little side business may become much more of a focus than what we first thought. :)

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