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A Daddy on Being a Daddy of a 2 and 1/2 Year-old

by Tarzan · 3 comments

“Daddy, come play!”  The three simple words that I hear more times than I can count throughout the day.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sure, working from home isn’t always easy.  If I step out of my office to grab a bite to eat, get some water, etc. and I’m seen by Monkey, I more often than not have a Monkey hanging from my leg.

Although I believe he understands that “Daddy has to work”, I know he doesn’t like to hear that because that means I can’t play with him at that very moment.  But overall, we have such an incredible son. We’re lucky and fortunate that he’s slept through the night every single night for more than a year or year and 1/2 now.  He only got up 2 or 3 times, which was when he was sick to throw up in the bed.  Yuck.  So when Jane puts him down to sleep around 6:30 or 7:00 PM, he’s out until 6:00 to 7:00 AM.  Believe me, we know that this is not the norm – and we know that we’re very lucky!

More and more I’m seeing Monkey grow up.  I’m trying to soak in each and every moment that I have with him.  He’s such a sweet little boy.  Yesterday while playing trucks with him, he gave me no less than a dozen hugs and kisses randomly while we’re played and he told me a few times, “I love you, Daddy”.  I was also told, “you’re cute”.  lol

I know that this phase will not last forever.  And I do all that I can to ‘slow down time’ and be fully in the moment when we’re playing together everyday.  And frankly, I wouldn’t want this phase to last forever.  Monkey coming home from high school with his friends kissing me and hugging me and telling me he loves me and that I’m cute would beyond cross the line on many levels!

And you know, we’re like every other parent out there.  We think Monkey is the smartest little guy out there.  From being able to count to 14 (sometimes higher, but often 14 is followed by 14… 14…. 14… lol) to doing a great job with his ABC’s, knowing dozens of animals and the sounds they make, remembering the name of dozens of toys (blows my mind), and countless other signs of an incredible memory and intelligence.  We’ve got one smart kid on our hands.  (He must take after Jane.)  lol

But you know, I never want to be ‘that parent’.  Sure, I’ll puff my chest out on our blog here and brag about out little Monkey, just as any mommy/daddy blogger does.  I think it’s a good thing.  It means we’re proud and love our Monkey more than anything in the world.  But what neither Jane nor I do is be one of those parents who always seems to compare their kid with others or whenever you see them you know the dreaded, “You’re not going to believe what so-and-so is already doing”.  We know a few mom’s and dad’s who feel the need to compare their kids with yours, make sure you know exactly where they are at in their development cycle, and really annoy the hell out of you when you see them.

At Monkey’s school, there are several mom’s like that.  Even though our little Monkey was one of two of about 10 or so kids in his class (puffing my chest out) as one who would be able to handle playing sports with kids older than him (I’m talking kick-ball, soccer, and other 2-3 year old sports here), not one other parent knows about that besides us.  We just don’t feel the need to broadcast.  But I know for a 100% fact that if some of the other kids were chosen, we’d see their mom’s show up with banners and who knows what else to make the world known.

His teachers adore him and have told Jane on multiple occasions how great he’s doing.  I’ve gone to pick him up at school a few times and it was hard to actually leave because the teachers kept talking to him, giving him hugs, eating him up – and he loves every minute of it! lol

We don’t believe Monkey is better than anyone else.  Sure, he may be further along some of the developmental stages than others, but all kids develop at their own pace.  There are some further along than him in areas.  It’s just how it is – and I think some parents forget that.  For the last year or so when we’re around other parents, Monkey will do or say something around other Mom’s and they’d look shocked and say, “Wow, he’s already doing XYZ?  That’s amazing” or whatever.  We shrug it off around other people (sure, it makes us feel good!) but of course we praise him and tell him he’s such a good and smart boy 1,000,000 times at home followed by tons of hugs and kisses.

And of course, we’re just like other parents when it comes to seeing other kids do something. We say the same thing, “Wow, so-and-so is doing that already!?” when we see kids around Monkey’s age doing something that he’s not doing yet, like riding a bike.  Monkey isn’t quite there yet and would rather walk his bike than ride it… but he’ll get there. :)

Now as far as Monkey listening to us – we’re in a good place.  There was awhile back when he went into timeout a few times a day because he wouldn’t listen to us.  But now all we have to do is warn him that he’ll go into timeout if he doesn’t stop doing whatever he’s doing.  But most of the time it doesn’t go that far.  We just tell him to stop and for the most part, he listens.  It’s been a good 3-4 months or longer since I’ve had to pull out the timeout card and it’s probably been that long with Jane, too.  He listens to us well 95% of the time – except when he doesn’t have a nap and he’s tired and cranky around dinner time.  Then all hell breaks loose and Jane and I are running around the house frazzled, stressed-out, and pulling each others hair out!  And I know that’s just a part of growing up – kids won’t always listen and they’ll always test their boundaries.

Anyway, being a dad just keeps getting better and better each and every day.  He loves his time with Daddy and will often tell Mommy to go in the other room if he and I are playing in his toy room and she comes in to tell me something.  lol  And I love my time with him.  It just keeps getting better and better as he is able to talk and express himself more.  It’s also getting more and more fun as we play with more and more toys.  Playing and racing cars all the time is a blast!  I’m just a big kid at heart. :)

I never thought being a Dad was like ‘this”.  And ‘this” is not something that I can easily put into words.  It just takes over you.  It’s awesome and amazing.

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1 Alicia

I just wanted to comment for you Vani, I have heard many many teachers who are teaching the kids in kindergarden and even nursery school that they are surprised and wish that childrens’ parents worked with them a little more since they do not know even the basic things. They say focus on numbers, or alphabet, or shapes, or colors. Don’t try to throw all of these things at the child at once, but do shapes until they get some shapes that they can name, then try the shapes with different colors. Hope it helps! And don’t feel terribly bad if you can’t do this. I’m a stay at home mother and always work on these things with my 2 yr old, I’m sure Jane is probably the same way. Situations are different and some parents simply don’t have the time. And feeling like you need to teach your child everything can be very overwhelming.

Sorry for taking over Tarzan!

2 Vani

hey Tarzan . all those ABC’s taught at school. do we as parents have to do at home to. Why I ask is we are working parents and our child is not v close to saying all those. He spends all day in daycare in India.

3 Alicia

It’s pretty much the best thing on earth :)

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