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Today I did everything a 2-year old wanted to do… and it was great!

by Jane · 4 comments

Today was Monkey’s day.  Sometimes it’s good to pretend that you aren’t an adult – I mean, you get to see the world through your kid’s eyes, and what’s cooler than that?!

Monkey said that he wanted to go to the mall, so onto the mall we went.  First, we rode the escalator down and then back up again.  It was fun and I noticed how many adults made eye contact with me and smiled.  Who knows, perhaps they wished they could ride the escalator up and down like a child.

After the fun that is the escalator, we went to the play area.  I usually hate the play area and try to bribe Monkey with anything I can so that we don’t have to go in there.  I know he really likes it, but I cannot stand when parents do not watch their kids, so we hardly ever go.  But today was all about Monkey, so we went.  Luckily, for me, there weren’t any unruly kids not being supervised so it was fun.

When Monkey was bored of the play area, he wanted an M&M cookie.  Immediately the mom in me started to say no because it was only 10:30am, but I changed my tune and we bought a cookie.  Once the cookie was gobbled, we went to the pet store.  I’m pretty sure we’ve only been in the pet store one other time and it’s completely my fault.

My kid loves animals, as do I (well, not snakes and mice and other creepy, crawly things).  I just can’t get behind the whole pet store/breeder/puppy mill thing.  Plus, I get really sad thinking about the dogs and cats that live behind glass in a mall… but today we went in and played with two puppies.  Monkey couldn’t stop laughing and we had such a great time there.  I found myself thinking that we should go to the next thing, and I realized that I need to just slow down.  Relax.  Take it easy.

So we stayed and played for quite a while.

When we had had enough of playing with the puppies, it was Chick-Fil-A time.  Monkey loves his Chick-Fil-A like it’s going out of style.  No joke.  He carried his little kid’s meal bag to the biggest table he could find (seated about 6 people) and we sat down.  Usually I would have picked a table for two, but today Monkey picked.  He wanted the big, round table so that’s what we got.

The food court is right by the carousel, so we went there next.  I mean, what’s a day without riding the carousel?!  I think we ride this thing each and every time we go to the mall, so this wasn’t new, but still fun.  Monkey has loved riding the carousel every since I can remember putting him on a horse.  It’s one of those things that I hope he doesn’t outgrow any time soon because he’s loved it for so long.

He was ready to go after riding the bunny rabbit “Hopper” on the carousel (Yep, the elderly woman that runs the carousel has every single animal on that platform named).

In the car, he decided he wanted a cupcake and then to go home for a bike ride to the park, so that’s what we did!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had one of the best days ever with him and we didn’t even do anything spectacular.  Sometimes it really is the small things in life that put the biggest smile on my face.

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1 Alicia

Thank you for fixing the posting thing. It could have been just me, but I couldn’t pot without signing up for something and anyways, I wasn’t going to, and I felt left out (not that that really matters), but I wanted to post to you guys and couldn’t.

And on another note, sometimes it’s a really good thing to give each of your children a day where they are with Mom/Dad or both and have undivided attention and do everything they want. I happen to think it helps them respond to being told “NO” better because they aren’t always hearing “NO”

2 Tarzan

Hi Ladytrim :)

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We will get it to you one way or another!


3 ladytrim

Hi! I bought your ebook Nap Time Cash back on January 24th 2012 and to date I haven’t received it. I followed your instructions to send a message when I purchased it (I did that twice) and still haven’t gotten the ebook. Please respond asap. Thanks

4 Siera_Perry

Some of the best moments I have had with my toddler is at the mall riding escalators and elevators. We must be the only family that goes to Wal-Mart for fun to ride the escalators!

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