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13 Weeks Pregnant Jane picture taken at height of migraine and nausea

by Tarzan · 2 comments

13-weeks-pregnant-bellySecond Trimester! Today Jane is officially 13 weeks pregnant with our bouncing baby girl or boy.  It blows me away how fast these weeks are flying by and it amazes me how much Jane’s body is changing being only 13 weeks pregnant.

Before I dive in, Jane wanted me to tell everyone “hey” for her.  She will not be posting a blog tonight because hew 13 weeks of pregnancy is really kicking her butt.  Her day started off good and then this afternoon her pregnancy headaches started to kick in a little.

Update: I figured out how to fix the image problem on our site.  While I was figuring it out, Jane actually posted a blog to my surprise.

Anyway, as the night went on, so did her headache pain.  I know, not a way to ring in 13 weeks of pregnancy, right?  In fact, Jane’s headache got so bad tonight that the nausea kicked into high gear.

pregnant-trooperJane is a trooper and is 100% dedicated to our little pregnancy blog we have going here.  Even while her nausea and migraine were kicking her butt, she wanted to take the 13 week pregnancy picture.  Took her awhile to get up, get her blue pants out of the dryer, put them on, and then stand there, but she did it.

Then like I said, I was surprised to see her post a new blog.  She called me (I know, weird since I’m just upstairs, but easier than yelling) and told me she posted a new blog because she felt bad and didn’t want to miss a day.  That’s my Jane. :)

As far as her nausea tonight, she hasn’t thrown up, but she coughs and gags and sounds like she’s going to at times.  I feel so bad for Jane.  How can something so wonderful like growing a baby inside of you make one so sick and feel so bad?  It’s bad enough for her being 13 weeks pregnant that most of her clothes are uncomfortable and she has a hard time to find things to wear.

We’re thankful that her morning sickness, I mean all day sickness period is over.  We hope.  But this headache thing really needs to go away.  She told me today that she’d take a full day of horrible nausea over these borderline migraine headaches any day.  Man, I can’t imagine how she feels.  I’m so sorry Jane.  :(

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