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5 Fun Things to Do with Your Toddler

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Keeping a toddler entertained is no small task for even the most energetic parents, but the following ideas will allow both you and your child to have fun together.

Living Room Camping

This activity is perfect for rainy days when you long for summer and the outdoors. Make a fort by throwing a sheet or blanket over the kitchen table or stretching it between two pieces of tall furniture. Once inside, feast on camping foods like granola, microwave s’mores, and hot dogs. Use a flashlight to make shadow puppets and illuminate your face as you tell scary stories.

Cook Together

Breakfast in bed does not have to be reserved only for occasions like Fathers day. Surprise the rest of the family by preparing the morning meal with your toddler. Although youngsters should never handle sharp knives or use the stove, they are experts when it comes to mixing ingredients by hand or decorating pancakes with banana slices, whipped cream and powdered sugar.

Head Outdoors

Instead of watching your toddler have all the fun at the park, get in on the action. Join your little one on the swings and see who can soar highest, race to the monkey bars or glide down the slide together. Enjoy being a kid for the day!  It is also fun to take the best jogging strollers out for a little ramble in the park.

Make an Art Gallery

Kids feel special and honored when their art makes it past the refrigerator to a prominent place on the wall. Encourage your child’s creativity by creating art together and filling a room with your masterpieces. Try finger painting, sculpting with homemade clay or practicing cutting and pasting by making collages.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Send your toddler on a scavenger hunt in search of small treats and treasures. Through this activity, your child will practice following directions and paying attention to details. Make a map or give clues that lead to each object.

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