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Pregnancy insomnia: Up at 3:47 AM and can’t sleep. What a way to welcome in 13 weeks of being pregnant.

by Jane · 42 comments

pregnancy-insomniaI just have to laugh right now:   Pregnancy insomnia.  

As if my day/night wasn’t bad already, now I can’t sleep.  And I didn’t even take a nap today.  Grrr.  

Let me elaborate for you:

I didn’t eat dinner because I wasn’t hungry, but I did have to take my prenatal vitamins, so I had a bowl full of grapes.  I fell asleep on the couch around 11pm and my sweet husband came down, kissed me and my belly, and then put me to bed.  I woke up around 1am to go to the bathroom (gotta love how many times a pregnant woman wakes up in the middle of the night to pee).

I had a hard time going back to sleep because I was hungry.  I got up, had some toast, and then went back to bed to try to go to sleep.  Yeah, right.  I stayed in bed until 3am, which is when Tarzan came to bed.  I decided that I didn’t want to keep him up by complaining and tossing and turning, so now I’m in the living room watching TV.  The Jetsons to be specific.  After all, nothing else is on at 3:47am.

I’m so annoyed right now.  I was so excited to go to sleep so that I could end this day and wake up tomorrow and have a better day.  Now I have pregnancy insomnia and I’m stuck watching cartoons.  

What a crazy day/night it’s been!  Maybe I should get off my laptop – I’ve heard that computers keep you awake and that’s the last thing I want.  I just want to sleep, so on that note, good night and sleep tight!  (I sure hope I can!)

If anyone has/had this problem when they are/were pregnant, please share your tips with me!

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1 kristie

i am 8 weeks exactly n cannot sleep for the past five days …i have racing thoughts n any little noise such as a peep throws me off from concentrating on sleeping. i woke my b.f up n he called my doctor she said take 50mg of benedryl every four hrs. so down one goes n ill post something later if im up if not it worked ….this is awful not being able to sleep i never had this problem before

2 Nicole

12 weeks pregnant and can’t sleep. it’s 4:36am and this is the second night of this. Most of the first trimester I was exhausted…now I’m akmost into the second trimester and no sleep for me! I don’t know which is worse! Guess I’m not alone…

3 Elarna

I am soooo tired i haven’t had a good nights sleep since thirteen weeks…. i’ve tried everything from going to be late to chamomile tea nothing seems to work… i’m desperatley trying to keep my eyes open at work and to make matter worse i’ve been itching since 3am and the only explaination that i’ve been given is that it’s all part of the joy of pregnancy.mmmmmhhh you gotta love it

4 Jenn

Well, it seems like I’m not alone – I had this issue between 4 and 6 weeks, but here I am at 26 weeks and for the last four weeks, I’ve been going to sleep just fine, and waking up at 3am on the dot. Doesn’t matter what time I go to bed. I”m not stressed out, or uncomfortable, or suffering from heartburn. I just. Can’t. Sleep. I’ve tried staying in bed, I’ve tried getting up, I’ve tried everything -but nothing seems to make a difference. I just read on another website a post from another girl who tried earplugs and an sleeping mask , and it worked for her when nothing else did. I’m going to try that tonight.

5 al

its 4 am and happening to me too – 7 weeks…… however, this happened to me before, it is helpful to take a gulp of liquid calcium right before bed.. tonight i was too tired to walk upstairs to take it – so of course i woke up.. the nights i take the calcium i sleep better… but it is good practice for baby coming…

6 Lisa

I am constantly waking up at 4AM. No matter what time I go to bed8,9,10,11, or 1AM, this is a consistent, annoying, problem. It doesn’t matter if I down 3 cans of coke during the previous day or if I completely abstain from caffeine altogether. I don’t know why I wake up at this time. It’s not my bladder. When I wake up and have to urinate, I can usually fall back to sleep. This is debilitating. I work full time and have a 2 year old son. Anyone else have this problem?

7 Rachelle

I’m also having the same problem at 13 weeks. I either cant fall asleep till 3:00 am or i fall asleep at 10pm and wake at 2 am to not fall asleep again. Is anyone working through this? I have to be on my feet all day and this is killing me >< how long does this usually last?

8 Sibongile Majoni

I used to go to bed as early as 6.30 pm and wake up at 1200 a.m. and stay up to 3hrs awake everyday during my 1st and second trimmer. And now l am 17wks pregnant if l go to bed say at 9.00 p.m or earlier, l will wake up at 2.20 a.m every day and l wont be able to go back to sleep until either l put the TV on and hear it making noise without watching it or put on my favourite gospel cd and listen to the music. Then l will be able to sleep for a short time up to say 4 or 5 a.m in the morning

9 Elizabeth

No one is mentioning trying my tricks – FULL hydration, ginger tea, and NO caffeine. I mean no chocolate, no tea/coffee/soda. I’m at 28 weeks now, and the insomnia is a lot better in general, but if I eat even a little square of chocolate early in the day, it comes right back. Same pattern, I fall asleep easily anytime between 10 and 12, and then I’m awake tossing and turning 3 hours later.

Let us know if it works for anyone else…


10 Kristen

~oh thabk goodness! Itz working n that e-z! Their isa GOD! Hi all – I’m 31 and 3wks preggers with my first!!! :) , and feel so blessed n excited. Ya know – this insomnia stuff – mixed w/these mild yet insaaaanely debilitating itchy spells all night (which I’m going to discuss w/my doc) I’m just @ my witz end. Tha post about oils n mellow music duz sound relaxing. I can tell 4 myself tho that even if sumone was caressng my skin or soothingly playing w/my hair I probly couldn’t fall asleep. Its been this way for about 3 days n I used ta be on sum pretty heavy duty meds – so, itz not even necessarily a complaint n I’d do anything ta keep this baby healthy – itz more ofa whyyyyyyyyyy type thing, ya know?! Xo n love u all – I should be out cold in a few hrs @ 7am fora bit, God willing. I love this site!:)

11 Gracie M.

I feel yalls pain im 31 weeks pregnant w my first child and i cant sleep for the past month! its been horrible!! either is really uncomfortable (i have a belly pillow) or im hungry at 3 am, i have to pee like a billion times or i get leg cramps! but it seems to be getting worse! this last trimester its been a pain! i ve had a really good pregnancy over all no morning sickness or nuthing but its hiitting me on my lack of sleep wich is one of the things to do i used to rock at napping bfore getting preggo! (thanks hubby)!!! drinking milk doesnt really help! i dunno what to do dont really want to take medice ive tried tylenol pm and it helps a lil but i dont want it to become a habit! soooooo i think is just something all of us have to deal with until the baby comes out! good luck everyone imma try to nap during the day ! see if that helps! dark circles are not attractive! good luck everyone i enjoy reading posts! xoxo God Bless

12 Kendra

I am so happy that I am not alone. I am 6 weeks and 4 ays pregnant and for the past 2 weeks I have not been able to sleep through the night. I was reading all of your stories, and they sound exactly like mine. I go to bed at 10pm, I have no problems falling asleep, but between 1-3am inclusive I wake….every single night. I mean, I am WIDE awake. I also work full time as a nurse and even when I work my stretches of days I can’t get into a rythem! Its so frustrating. This morning was no different, I am on my 5th of 6 day shifts in a row, and have been up since 130am. I tried reading, eating toast, having a warm bath….it’s almost 5am now and nothing has worked!!!!!! I have to leave for work in an hour and a half. Arrrggg!!!!!

13 nike

Hi everyone, I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant last week!!! I wanna be happier, but the lack of sleep is killing me. And my belly just feels odd all the time. I am tired, bloated, always feel sick, its horrible.
I just want sleep and my body to be at peace

14 Martha

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and am finding that the insomnia has returned full-force. I had some in first trimester that cleared up towards end of second trimester. I am a sleep educator and nothing helps, not baths, herbal tea, dark room, cold room, meditation. I’m working on acceptance:-)

15 Michaela

Im nearly at 16 weeks and every morning at 4am I am WIDE AWAKE. A friend told me lavender oil sprinkled under your pillow can help, however, Ive decided to start my day at 4am and just deal with it, cos the tossing and turning and constant thinking is doing no one any good.
hope everyone gets a good night sleep tonight :)

16 Jen

I just hit 12 weeks and am 2 hours into my second sleepless, tired, cranky night. I googled pregnancy insomnia and found you fabulous ladies. While it’s nice to know I’m not alone , it’s depressing that there’s not much we can do… except endure. Although I must say… I do believe I’ve found my new favorite blog!

17 kristen

I am 31 weeks prego and have a hard time sleeping just trying to find some ways to help….. so if u have some tell me please anything can help…… thank u

18 Elizabeth

I’m still struggling with it, but have found two more things that help:

mincing an inch of ginger root, boiling in a cup or so of water for 5 minutes, straining and drinking, about 30 minutes before I go to bed. (I add lemon and honey to help get it down.) Obviously I have to get up to pee, but at least I can fall back asleep and the nightmares aren’t so bad.

Also, though I never did take much caffeine, I was also not sensitive to it. Now, apparently, I am hyper sensitive, so no caffeine – NONE – after noon.

I can’t believe how little information there is out there on this problem. It’s an infuriating one! One ridiculous doctor told me everyone has it, that it will probably get worse throughout the pregnancy. I don’t think he’s right on either count! In fact, at 18 weeks, it’s already getting better.


19 penut

it does not matter if its for the night or a nap i sleep for 3 hours and wake up. i am 16 weeks pregnant and this has been going on for over a month. with my other 4 pregnancys this did not happen at all. did i mention i wake up to nightmares every 3 hours and end up eating a whole meal then i can go back to sleep just to wake up 3 hours later and do it all again. someone please help!!!!!!

20 Kelly

Here I am up at 3:15 a.m. and actually doing searches on “Insomnia in Pregnancy” :) This is my third night of getting barely 4 hours sleep and I have no idea how to stop it! I am almost 16 weeks preggo with my second child and I actually had the same exact problem with my first child about the same time! The problem with me is that I will actually fall to sleep for about 20 minutes at a time and then wake up for an hour or so and then fall asleep for another 20 minutes and this cycle continues throughout the night. I’m wondering if a lot of it is in your head and you are automatically anxious about falling to sleep? I purposely didn’t take a nap today so I would be really tired and I was around 11 or so and now I’m back to where I started from! It’s really frustrated and I don’t really want to take any medication for it :(

21 Elizabeth

I’m having this problem too. I am able to fall asleep fine, but wake up 3 hours later and can’t go back to sleep. I have always slept like a rock, so this is definitely a pregnancy effect. The insomnia started about 10 weeks, and is still a problem at 13 weeks.

I have a hunch that the insomnia is worst on nights when I don’t drink a lot of water during the afternoon/evening, and better when I do. Yes, I do have to get up to pee more, but I am able to fall back asleep. My hypothesis is that I am either diluting or flushing some of the hormones out of my system. I know the hormones are good for the kid, but me not getting any sleep can’t be helping them. I’m trying to strike a decent balance.

Try it – and post your results?


22 Jocelyn

Oh my, I understand completely.
Just found out I’m pregnant with my first child, what a learning curve. I’m only 2 weeks in and it is now 3:31 am and here I am reading ironically about pregnancy insomnia! Why is it I never heard about this in sexual education, or from my mum who had 8 children!!?!? :) what a life

23 Tarzan

Babe, sorry to interrupt, but I know you’ll be jumping onto the blog soon. I just wanted you to know that I love you so very much and that you are the best wife in the world. You’re going to be a wonderful mom.

Also, I just wanted to remind you before you go to the grocery store in a little but to add ice cream to the list. :) Thanks babe. Love you.

24 Elsie Escobar

there is so much that happens during pregnancy, so much stuff that’s going on inside of you behind the scenes, it’s nuts! I believe worrying about not being able to sleep is probably the biggest culprit. What I learned from my pregnacy was to step into it, and ride each day, each moment fully, and then let it go. Today, sleeplessness, tomorrow maybe not. I was always surprised at how quickly things changed, and what I thought I knew I didn’t know! (Mind you that’s still going on now with the actual baby ;) )

Regarding the computer and the television and all that jazz. Those electronics do affect your brain’s ability to shut off naturally and fully. Even if you don’t do this all the time, I would suggest sitting and putting on some mellow music, some sweet smelling essential oils and simply breathe. Your ability to calm yourself down and relax on your own, will be KEY AND SO VERY NEEDED during labor and most especially during the 1st couple of weeks of your baby’s life. It takes practice. Make it your own sacred time. I promise you, you soooo won’t regret it!

25 MVP

I’m having this problem lately too (I’m 13 wks). Earlier in the pg, I could nap for hours at a time AND sleep in AND go to bed early. So I got into that routine. Now, I’m up early, can’t nap, in bed at a normal time, but can’t fall asleep. And when I do, I wake up to pee several times, then I’m up early with m/s. Ugh. Sorry I can’t offer help.

26 Crysi

I’m right there with you. It was a big problem in my first pregnancy, mostly because I actually could nap during the day. I just hit 12 weeks yesterday and I have a 22 month old. Not many chances for naps during the day and I’m exhausted by the time my head hits the pillow. I was up every 3 hours to pee last night and when I woke up at 3, I couldn’t go back to sleep! It was awful.

27 Helen

Aww..doncha hate those nights? With me, if I can’t sleep…I start worrying about things just to add to the joy of not being able to sleep- ugh!
Reading helps me sometimes. Do you like to read? There is a great series written by Diana Gabaldon. The first book is called ‘Outlander’ It’s got romance, adventure, suspense…everything. It’s the story of a young woman who accidentally time-travels to the 1700′s. It’s not all science-fictiony though. Trouble is, you might stay up too late reading- LOL.
By the way, once that baby comes you won’t be so upset about losing sleep. I remember beautiful times in the middle of the night with my babies…nursing them, rocking them, thinking of their futures, having quiet times with them. It’s not all crying and diapers- honest:-) In fact, once they slept through the nights (my daughter at 6 weeks, and my son around 4 months) I used to go in sometimes and pick them up in the middle of the night and rock them while they slept. I kinda missed our middle of the night feedings…imagine that!

Helen’s last blog post..New Year, New Stuff

28 Renee

LOL this is just the beginning of your sleepless night!!!! once baby is here it will be no sleep at all!!! you”ll get use to it!

Renee’s last blog post..Better the second time around

29 Jane

Hi Ginny,

Thanks for your sympathy. I finally went to sleep at 7am and was up at 830am. Ugh. Luckily I don’t have nights like this too often, so I do hope that this doesn’t start to become the norm. I don’t want to take anything now, but if it gets worse I will talk to my doctor for sure.

30 Ginny

Bless your heart! Being pregnant and not sleeping – what a horrible thing to be experiencing. I had this problem, but it was in my last trimester and my doctor said I could take Unisom. Not sure if this is safe at your stage, so check it out first.
Good luck and sweet dreams!

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