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Ringing in 14 weeks pregnant with throwing up exactly at midnight

by Jane · 10 comments

Yes it’s true.  I’m 14 weeks pregnant right now.  What better way to celebrate this week in pregnancy then by throwing up for the first time since getting the positive on the pee stick.  

Tarzan and I are out of town right now.  We ordered room service a few hours away and I just got a caesar salad.  Each bite I took reminded me how salty the salad tasted, but nonetheless, I did finish it.  Shortly after eating the whole bowl, my stomach felt funny.  Not like “I’m going to throw up now” funny, but just a rumbling kind of feeling.  

I wasn’t sure what to do considering we are in a hotel.  I decided to be prepared and asked Tarzan to put the garbage can by me… you know, just in case.  Ha!  Famous last words.

As he was bringing the garbage can over, he said “If you need to throw up, why not go to the bathroom?”  (Oh Tarzan, you silly, silly boy.  That would be too easy.)  Next thing we know, I’m spewing out caesar salad (gross, I know) in the garbage can.  

And my friends, this was no ordinary throw up.  Instead it was the really smelly kind that almost makes you want to vomit just from smelling the awful smell.  

There I was, throwing up in the garbage can, while sitting up in bed and holding my nose closed to try to keep the smell from entering it.  Nice sight.  Poor Tarzan was holding my hair back and rubbing my back as this was going on.  I say “poor” because he was gagging.  The smell got to him too.

He was a good husband and dumped the goods in the toilet while I brushed my teeth.  My esophagus and throat feel like they are burning even as I type.  It’s been a while since I’ve yacked, so I’m not quite sure I remember this feeling.  All I know is that I hope it goes away soon!

So that was our night.  Eating a gross dinner and having it come right back up.  Isn’t it funny that I was able to stomach an egg sandwich, pimento cheese, doritos, and green olives all mashed together, but the caesar salad is what finally did it!  And what’s more ironic is that I haven’t thrown up at all in my pregnancy yet.

Welcome to being 14 weeks of being pregnant.  Please send some good pregnancy vibes and prayers that this was a fluke and that vomit will not be a part of my daily pregnant life.

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1 Lemon

I know what you mean, at exactly 10 weeks I ate a salad and threw up out of nowhere at midnight. It’s awful! I hadn’t thrown up at all before then either, up until then it had been pretty smooth. Now I just throw up after sex. LOL!

2 DJ

10 weeks and no vomiting yet. Fingers are crossed!!

3 krips

OOOO..Iam 14 weeks preggy and thought that the worst days of throwing up are over….was in my mums house so long… joined my hubby back and man looking at me throw up he is throwing up tooo !!!! now thats double trouble….i hate throwing up dinner as the whole night i keep guessing what to eat ….:-(

4 juvy

wheew!.. im also 13 weeks and 2 days preggy, when i was 4-8 weeks i don’t, throw that much. But now, i always end up to the bathroom throwing up as if all of my intestine would come out. Same as Jessy i could also eat burger 24/7 and not one of them came up. And everytime i had my lunch, after an hour i would throw it all..

5 Jessi

I’m sorry. That sounds horrible! I threw up from 4am til 11pm every day from 6 weeks til 23 weeks. No joke. And the weirdest thing was what WOULD stay down and what wouldn’t. I could eat cheese burgers 24/7 and not one of them came up. I had to stop eating spaghetti because 1/2 through my bowl I’d be running to the toilet. I could keep down soda, but water, juice and gatorade would lead to instant vomiting. I could occasionally eat fruits, certain ones.

I literally lived on cheeseburgers, soda (while still trying to consume water), sour gummy worms and coke flavored slurpees from 7/11 for my first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Oh it was a sight, and not healthy at all, but what can you do, when that is the ONLY food your body will keep in.

6 Jane

@Crysi – Your daughter sounds adorable! So sweet of her to rub your back and ask how you are doing. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been throwing up for 5 weeks. Whether I threw up from pregnancy or from a salad that didn’t agree with me, I sure do have sympathy for you! I hope it stops soon! Oh and I didn’t even think about the dressing having raw eggs. Tarzan asked me if I was allowed to have anchovies and I said that I wasn’t sure. I didn’t even think about it until the salad was gone… Ooops.

@Helen – Yes, throwing up is awful! I always thought that throwing up happened more towards the beginning of pregnancy, not now, but I guess you proved me wrong on that! Gross story about the hotdogs too – I bet that was pretty horrible to clean up!

@MVP- I guess one time isn’t as bad as vomiting daily, but it’s still pretty bad. Who likes to vomit? Yuck! Hopefully it was just a bad salad. I don’t want to start throwing up now.


Sounds like it was more the salad than the pregnancy’s fault. Sorry, that sux! I usually vomit a couple times a week, so once really isn’t that bad, is it?

8 Helen

ohhh, isn’t throwing up the worst thing ever? I remember I yakked pretty regularly in the first 12-14 weeks of my first pregnancy. It would come out of nowhere too. Once my then-husband and I were sitting at the table eating hotdogs (I know, gross) and he looked at me and said “you’re going to throw up, aren’t you?” and I didn’t even make it all the way into the bathroom. Let’s just say it wasn’t fun to clean up.
Poor you- hope it was just a bad salad and not a sign of things to come…take care

Helen’s last blog post..Pretty In Pink

9 Crysi

Sorry, I’ve been throwing up daily for the last 5 weeks. It seriously sucks, but I will give Tarzan kudos. My hubby has to leave the room or risk yakking too. Instead I end up with my 2 year old daughter hugging my legs, rubbing my back and asking me if “Mommy’s k?”

You might want to avoid caesar salad anyway, the dressing can contain raw eggs.

Crysi’s last blog post..Nudist

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