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What’s a Healthy Pregnancy Diet?

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There are many myths and horror stories about the things you can and can’t do whilst pregnant and diet is a big part of that. A basic knowledge of what is healthy for you goes the same for your baby. There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself healthy, happy and comfortable during your pregnancy and there are a few dietary components you should probably keep in mind.

Keep to your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This is advisable to everyone so it’s obviously good advice for when you are pregnant, it gives your baby loads of the vitamins and makes for a great start.

healthy pregnancy dietWhen it comes to carbs keep it simple as possible. Brown bread, wholemeal pasta and brown rice are much better for you than the starched processed versions. Carbohydrates of this ilk are also great for internal exfoliation which you will learn is important as you track your pregnancy week by week.

Using a pregnancy calculator, you can get a really good idea of when your due date from an early stage so you can stock up on things you might not normally eat, such as oily fish. Oily fish may not be something that is normally in the cupboards but salmon, mackerel, herring and trout are all great sources of omega-3 oils and other fatty acids which are great for you and your baby’s growth and nutrition.

Calcium is really important for you and your baby. It is a myth that drinking milk means you’re able to produce more of your own but calcium laden foods such as cheese yoghurts and butter are great for you and your baby’s teeth, nails, hair and bones. Calcium is also found in dark veg like spinach and cabbage which also offer a great source of iron which is an important component to healthy blood.

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