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5 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes You Want This Year

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A baby’s first Halloween is a great experience for a parent. Unlike the first time a child ventures out to trick or treat on their own, you don’t have to worry about what could go wrong while waiting up at night until they come back through the front door. Taking your little one trick or treating for the first time is just one of the few enjoyable memories you’ll be making, and seeing them in costume is all the better. The best baby Halloween costumes are cute and cuddly. Too young to have a voice in the selection process, infants and toddlers can be dressed up in costumes that suit parental tastes. Here are a few you’re likely to see a lot of in 2012:

Lil’ Monster

The Lil’ Monster is adorable. This costume from In Character has a bright blue body suit with a yellow chest panel and dotted with bright orange circles. The suit continues up into a hood that includes a pair of horns striped in the same yellow and orange as the chest. A pair of bulging eyes extends out of the fluffy fur at the front of the hood, and tufts of this same fur decorate the costume’s shoulders and wrists. The body suit is lined and zippered, and it’s equipped with leg snaps for easy diaper changes. Slip on booties with three bright yellow toes complete the outfit.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Another sure-to-be-popular choice, this officially licensed Thomas the Tank Engine costume includes an engineer’s cap just like the one worn in Thomas and Friends and a foam over-the-shoulder apron featuring Thomas’ face and infectious grin. To get the full effect, it’s best to wear this costume over clothing in the same shade of blue as Thomas himself.

Lil’ Lion

image of a baby costume for halloweenAnother costume similar to the Lil’ Monster, Lil’ Lion is always an endearing favorite. Who can resist that fuzzy mane and tufted tail? The costume is a velour body suit that’s lined and zippered. It includes a hood with lion ears and that soft mane. The attached lion tail curves up in arc and includes a darling red bow tied just below the tuft of fur at the end. Slip-on booties feature lion paw prints on the bottom.

Captain America

Since its release in May, The Avengers has been an enormous hit, especially with the kids. Captain America is expected to not only be one of the most popular baby Halloween costumes of 2012, but for all ages as well. Costumes featuring this elementary school favorite include a jumpsuit with a hook-and-loop closure in the back and a hood emblazoned with the letter A and soft ear flaps. Captain America also comes with built-in muscles, and additional accessories include gloves and shields.

Princess Merida

Disney Princesses are always popular with the girls, and the newest princess to join the club is Princess Merida from the Pixar movie Brave, set in 10th-century Scotland. Her royal dress is bright blue with a skirt that features layers of velour, satin, and tulle. Gold trim adorns the dress, as does gold glitter arranged in an intricate pattern. To complete the look, girls can also wear a red curly wig or carry a bow-and-arrow set, each sold separately.

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