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Fancy Dress Themes for Kids

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Keeping your kids entertained at any time of the year can be tough, but doing it for a party? The last thing you want to see at a children’s party is your kids looking bored and restless, especially if what you’ve put on for them seems like it’s just been ‘phoned in’. One way of making sure this never happens is to have a fancy dress theme. The thought of your sons and daughters running around the place dressed as superheroes and princesses sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

buzz lightyear kids costumeWhen it comes to choosing the right birthday, thanksgiving and Halloween costumes, it’s hard to know what your kids will want to wear. This is where choosing a theme can come in handy. A themed party can be a lot of fun for your kids to be involved in, from wearing the costumes right down to the themed games and food, but which ones are the most popular?

For birthdays, you can be as creative as you want; one of the most popular themes is the Superhero theme. Your kids could come dressed as Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman or even one of the X-Men and they could play games such as rescuing someone from a super villain.

Another favorite theme for kids’ parties is the Wild Wild West theme. Dressed as cowboys and Indians, this is another theme which is suitable for both boys and girls. You could have themed food, a fake shooting game and even get a Wild West soundtrack to add to the fun.

spiderman kids costumeIf you want to have a costume party for your kid’s birthday, Halloween or even at Christmas, then you might be interested in a competition run by Fancy Dress Ball, who are offering a cash prize or voucher to spend on their website. Feel free to visit the Fancy Dress Ball website for more information.

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