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14 weeks pregnant: “morning sickness” and nausea are hitting Jane REALLY hard today.

by Tarzan · 16 comments

pregnancy-week-14-nausea-morning-sicknessI feel so bad for my wonderful and beautiful 14 week pregnant wife.  She started to feel a little nausea and “morning sickness” kick in late last night.  She slept OK, but shortly after she woke up this morning she was throwing up.

She then felt a little better and then the nausea kicked in again.  She’s been in bed all day today throwing up.  

I feel like a lost puppy dog.  I don’t handle people being sick too well.  I get really nervous, worked up, I feel so bad for the person (especially when it’s your 14-week pregnant wife!), and my stomach churns when I see or hear her.

She’s tried to eat a few things like some vegetable broth, a popsicle, and a bagel at different times.  All of which have come right back up a short time after.

Jane didn’t throw up once because of her morning sickness or nausea (are those the same thing?) all throughout her pregnancy.  But literally at the moment the clock struck midnight and she was officially 14 weeks pregnant, she threw up and felt horrible all night and was in bed the entire day the next day.

I feel so bad for her.  I feel so helpless.  I don’t know what to do.  I really hope this will pass soon because I couldn’t stand seeing Jane get sick all throughout her pregnancy.  The biggest reason I hope this nausea passes is because I want my fun, happy, energetic Jane back, and I want her to feel good more than anything else.

14 Weeks Pregnant: What Is The Deal With Nausea And Morning Sickness Happening Now???

Seriously, I thought we were in the clear!  For some reason I thought that if you made it through the first trimester that the nausea and morning sickness would go away.  But here we are in the second trimester and Jane’s pregnancy is hitting her hard.  Man… I just feel so bad for her.

My stomach just goes in knots like crazy when I see my soon-to-be mommy cry.  It tears me up inside and I wish there was something I could do to make her feel better.

I even had the thought today while I was holding Jane’s hair for her while she threw up that I never ever wanted to put her through this again.  I actually began to feel guilt for getting her pregnant.  It was like I was blaming myself for making her feel so sick.  Now I know I shouldn’t feel that way at all.  I know that sometimes women get nausea and morning sickness when they are pregnant, and I know it’s not “my fault“.

But I still felt that way.  I wonder if any other soon-to-be dad’s felt that before?  It’s a very strange feeling.  And I guess it’s normal to feel like that because no one wants to see their wife so sick, crying, and not feeling well at all.

It’s amazing the number of new emotions both a soon-to-be mom and dad feel during pregnancy.  Sometimes I don’t know what they mean or what to do with them. 

So compared to all pregnancy weeks thus far, pregnancy week 14 has been the toughest.  I’m really looking forward to this Friday.  Jane will hit the magic pregnancy week 15 – which I’m hoping will be an end to this nausea and morning sickness.

Feel better Jane.

Update: 4:25 p.m. Jane is throwing up like crazy. Worried that she is going to get dehydrated.  She is sending me to the store to get some thing for her.  I’m stressing out between her pregnancy nausea, work, bills, house, and  million other things.  Off to the store.

Update: 6:27 p.m. I had to go to a few different stores to find some special pine nuts and popsicles for Jane.  After striking out at a couple of convenience stores for popsicles, I went to the grocery store.  I can’t stand the grocery store.  I never know where anything is.  The last time I was in there I nearly hit the floor when I saw that milk is up to $5.00 a gallon now.  The time before that has been a long, long time.

I grabbed two pregnancy magazines for Jane and the items she wanted me to get her: popsicles, pine nuts, Coke, and peppermints.  The chewy kind.  Of course, after searching the whole store I finally ask someone where the chewy peppermints are located.  After 5 minutes of searching through the candy aisle, I call it quits and grab a bag of normal peppermints.

Finally, I get home, give Jane the pine nuts (she read somewhere, maybe this blog or on her Twitter account that a woman sucked on pine nuts to aid with nausea and morning sickness) got her a Coke, gave her a popsicle, the two magazines, peppermints, and a kiss.

About 20 minutes or so later, she comes walking out of the bedroom.  She tried sucking on the pine nuts, but she ate them all.  She ate the popsicle.  She drank some Coke.  And they are all staying down.  Thank goodness.

She was going to take her prenatal vitamin, but decided against it just in case and will take it when she eats some toast later.

Man… what a day.  I’m working like a mad-man on a project that will be launching soon for a client.  I’ve been up until 3 a.m. every morning for the last few days working on it.  And it’s what I’ve been working on all day long the last few days.

We have a LOT riding on the success of this little deal.  How much?  Oh… just about freaking EVERYTHING!  My stress levels are super dangerously high.  Kinda scary, but doing my best to keep calm.

They say video killed the radio star.  Huh.  I say the economy is killing the average Joe trying to make it on his or her own.  If the deal above flops (which I’ll know within the next 8-10 days) then we’ve got to sell… our… &%#$!#… house.  Fast.  All the while we see another house go up for sale on our street every week.  And they all sit there… and sit there…

This pregnancy blog was created with the full intention to blog about Jane’s and my pregnancy journey.  Never expected to go so deep into our personal lives.  That alone locks it in FOREVER that we’ll never share this blog with our friends.

No one knows we’re right on the edge.  No one knows besides our parents that we don’t have maternity insurance.  All of our friends think we do OK for ourselves and have no clue what we’re going through right now.

And our parents… they have no clue about what we’re going through right now on the financial side of things and I truly hope they never ever do.  It’s HIGHLY embarrassing for me.  Things used to be VERY OK for us when business was good.  That’s how people were used to seeing us.  That’s how we were used to seeing us.  Things are different now.  Very different.

After all, I’m a guy.  I’m imbedded with the instinct to do all I can to support my family.  And I have  (currently ‘had’) a lot of pride for the life I created for Jane and I.   Sometimes it’s one hell of an inner battle I have to fight with myself to keep my head up.  But I’m driven because Jane is pregnant.  I’m driven because I have a baby on the way.  I’m driven because I want to make both my wife and baby happy.  But s***, sometimes it’s really a fight, especially with falling down business/career-wise over and over and over and over agin for a year straight now.

It’s like I keep picking up the square peg and I try to put it in the round hole… over and over and over…

But no matter how many times I fall, I keep dusting myself off and standing back up again, time and time again.  And I will continue to do so for my family; no matter what.  No matter how hard things get.

Man.  There’s so much more to everything than I thought as mentioned in an earlier blog post where I shared some of my personal thoughts and fears about fatherhood and parenthood.

Wow.  Started off talking about Jane and her nausea and look what’s happened.  I’ve had my own therapy session with myself on this blog.  Weird.  OK – back to work.

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1 Mary Adams

I had morning sickness really bad. I was so violently sick that I started bleeding really heavilly and nearly lost the baby. Nothing could relieve my nausea and it was an “all-day-all-night” sickness, not just morning sickness. The only thing that did work for me was a method I came across on the Internet, called “End your Morning Sickness”. Although it did work, it may have also been that I was already five months pregnant by then, so it should have been going away on its own.

2 Christy

Wow – Tarzan…you are the greatest husband!! Jane and I are both so lucky to have caring and concerned creatures as husbands instead of morons (which is apparently the more common case, or so I assume from what I’ve read on the many pregnancy blogs and websites I’ve visited).

I just hit 7 weeks (pretty close to literally) and threw up for the first time. Violently. Very violently. I’ve had the nausea for a while…a week or more, but this was just gross. :-( From what I read, this is just the beginning, and what you’ve written here about Jane isn’t making me feel very hopeful… LOL But – once again, it DOES help to be reminded that my husband is a great guy, and great help.

Here’s to things working out for the very best for you guys – for us all… *sending hugs*

3 Roxie

my husband had the same “guilt” when i was going through my battle with morning sickness and it came back when it started making it really hard for me to sleep at night… and now eventhough he’s in Afghanistan, he feels it because ever since the baby has dropped i have horrible lower back pain…
Personally I think I’d be a lot more worried if ya’l didn’t feel “guilty” for it, that feeling just shows that much more that you really care rather than being one of tose guys with that “suck it up” attitude. know what i mean? lol
Try not to stress too badly, things always have a way of working out =]
and if Jane is anything like me she’ll pick up on the stress and stress herself too which could make her feel worse than she already does. and again if she’s anything like me if you tell her nothing is wrong, she’ll take it personally and get emotional until you fess up to what is bothering you hahaha… tears work everytime lol.

4 Ally/Miss-Mae

You know, I’ve never really thought about how morning sickness must affect the men in our lives. This was really interesting to read, especially because a lot of how you write reminds me of my fiance… I never really realized that pregnancy takes such a huge toll on the man AS WELL as the woman. Thanks for the insight.

5 Laurie

I know this won’t help now that you are past all that, but my sister has had 9 children and is an ER nurse, with terrible pregnancy sickness with each one. One of the things they tell you at the hospital is the BRAT diet for people who can’t stop throwing up – small tiny bites of bananas, rice, apples, toast… for some reason seem to help.

Also sharply flavored things – like lemon, orange, ginger… I eat pickled ginger, the good kind, when I’m feeling nauseated and I find it helps. I tried candied ginger and it was just too hot and spicy.


Glad you’re feeling better. I’m rarely sick either, when I’m not preg. But I’ve had 3 colds since I got pregnant in Oct. It’s awful! I felt particularly robbed since I got the flu shot as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and I don’t usually get the shot and don’t usually get the flu. It is recommended for pregnant women though because getting it can be really bad for the baby, I’ve read.

7 Jane

Hi Helen,

I am feeling great today, thanks for asking! Thanks for the little info. tip as well. I really don’t think that I had the flu, especially for just one sick. I think it was totally pregnancy related. And, I carefully wash my hands all the time!

8 Helen

Just a little ‘info tip’ The flu shot is to protect against influenza viruses, which cause respiratory illness: which cause severe body aches, headache, high fever, sore throat.
Vomiting and diarrhea viruses are often nicknamed ‘the flu’ or ‘stomach flu’ , but are not caused by influenza. They are usually caused by noroviruses (you might have heard it called the Norwalk virus)
So..flu shots won’t protect you from ‘stomach flu’ or gastroenteritis, but frequent hand-washing might! Just a little free info from your friendly neighbourhood RN:-)
Hope you’re feeling better today Jane!

Helen’s last blog post..The Laundry Room- Loads of Fun

9 Jane

Hi MVP – I’m like 99.99% sure it was morning sickness. I have never been one to just get sick. I’m hardly ever sick, even with a cold (I’m currently knocking on wood so that I don’t jinx myself ;) ). Thanks for all your tips though. I do know that eating protein is really helpful, but I must admit that I have such a hard time getting protein down. It seems like I’m such the carb queen lately and that’s the kind of food that I want. Oh and I did not get the flu shot. I’ve never had the flu… (again, knocking on some wood right now).

I hope you are right Amy! I do feel fortunate that I only had one awful day of throwing up while others go through it their whole pregnancy, but it was bad. I’m sorry to hear that you were sick last weekend too. I do hope that we both start feeling better and get that pregnancy glow that is clearly missing from my face right now. Here’s to hoping for that too!

10 Amy (aka AmySphere on Twitter)

Ok, so “Jane” and I are both 14 weeks…thought my “all day sickness” was gone too and it creeped back up on me last weekend.

Should get better in the next week or so…they say the peak is week 13…

Here’s hoping, right???

Amy (aka AmySphere on Twitter)’s last blog post..I think I’ll write something today

11 MVP

Are you sure she doesn’t have the flu? Seems kinda odd for the vomiting to come on so suddenly and with such force. Has she had her flu shot?

That said, it very well could be m/s. Things that temporarily helped me: don’t drink anything with meals, and don’t eat soup with meals – both only between meals; saltines by the bedside to be consumed (about 3 usually) before getting out of bed; Jolly ranchers or other sour candy to suck on when nausea kicks in at odd places; eat often – I do about every 2 hours; add extra protein to the diet – preg women should have about 75-100 grams a day – I achieve this with the help of special K protein bars and spirutein protein shakes. Hope any of that helps. Also, my doc said I could take dramamine before bed to feel better the next day. I did it a couple times, but it was inconsistent and I didn’t want to take it every single night.

Also, I’m so sorry you’re going through the financial/job anxieties. You’re definitely not alone. If you want advice, mine would be to learn to live on a tight budget now. Really cut back on everything possible and put everything extra into an emergency account if you don’t already have one. That way, if you have unexpected pregnancy or birth-related expenses that pop up in the next several months, you’ve got the cash and you don’t have to go into debt to take care of it. And last, do your best not to rely on your credit cards in difficult times. The debt can easily spiral up and up, then when you’re doing well, it’s hard to get ahead having the bills hanging over your head.

12 Tarzan

Hi Helen, thanks for your tips, much appreciated! I just read the above to Jane. She’s finally off the bed and now on the couch in the living room watching TV. She ate another bagel, some cookies, and a popsicle, and so far, so good! She even has her computer on her lap… so hopefully Jane is back to her normal self and she’ll have a good night’s sleep. :)

13 Helen

I know Jane has probably read up a lot about ‘morning’ sickness. They should just call it ‘pregnancy nausea and vomiting’ because it can happen anytime of the day or night. Anyway, thought I might be able to help with a few tips that helped me. I had it terribly with my first pregnancy (and not at all with the second- so that should give you hope!)

-try to always keep something in your stomach. An empty stomach seems to make the nausea worse (which is why it hits when you wake up sometimes)
-nibble on dry, small bits of food, such as salted crackers or cheerios between meals.
-before going to bed, eat something which is high in protein, like a cheese sandwich or lean chicken
-try drinking ginger tea. This starts working after you have been taking it for a few days- not right away.
-avoid fatty or fried foods (probably not interested anyway)
-avoid any odors that increase your nausea. (sounds obvious but for me it was normally-good smells like bacon cooking and coffee brewing that made it worse.

Finally- you might want to ask your doctor about taking Diclectin. It’s an medication that is approved for treating nausea in pregnancy. It seems to help many women.
I hope and pray this will be over for you soon. For me- it stopped suddenly at about 16 weeks.
Take care….it really IS worth it in the long run, although it seems rough right now.

Helen’s last blog post..Tuesday Tips

14 Tarzan

Hey Daddy Files, thanks for the advice. Man, this stuff is killer. Maybe it’s just magnified for me right now with so much other stuff going on. Looking very forward to her feeling good again, I hope she’s lucky and doesn’t get this way in the third trimester, and I am looking VERY VERY forward to what you call the “Frisky Hot ‘n Sexy Pregnant Wife” stage.

I want to be a believer that the Frisky Hot stage really does exist! Maybe on Friday when Jane reaches 15 weeks of being pregnant a little timer will go off like an alarm clock and she’ll go wild. Wishful thinking, I know… but it keeps me going :)

15 Daddy Files

Hang in there. It’s tough to watch the woman you love go through the pregnancy roller coaster. A lucky few never get morning sickness (which is a misnomer because it’s not just the morning, it’s all the time) but in a few weeks she should be feeling good again. Actually, she feels better than ever for a while leading into the third trimester and then it’s back to more of this.

So weather the storm and know she’ll be out of the woods soon. Then take advantage of what I like to call the “Frisky Hot ‘n Sexy Pregnant Wife” stage.

Daddy Files’s last blog post..100-0 is Over the Top

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