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His Boys Can Swim’s top blog posts (so far) hand-picked by Tarzan and Jane

by Tarzan · 1 comment

favorite-pregnancy-blog-postsBefore we show you our list of our favorite blog posts we’ve written thus far, we first would like to welcome all new readers to our pregnancy blog!   Welcome!

Second, we want to say thanks to our current readers for reading about our wild pregnancy journey we’re on here.  We’re having a lot of fun and blogging about our journey is keeping us from going insane! :)

Now because we’ve been posting a lot of updates to our blog (we have posted over 100 blog posts already!) we decided to go way back and dig up our favorite blog posts.  Now we must warn you… There are a few posts in this list that has nearly caused one pregnant woman to go into labor from laughter!  There is another post that caused one woman to laugh out loud while reading, while taking a sip of coffee, and she spit coffee all over her computer… and husband!

And yet, there are a few posts which gave our readers tears in their eyes.  Take a few minutes and check out Jane and my list of our favorite blog posts we have written since we first started our pregnancy blog.

Note that these are in no particular order at all; they are just numbered to make things easier for you to go back and fourth reading the different posts.

Also, we’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to comment on this post and let us know what your favorite posts were! :)

So without further ado… here are…

jane-pregnancy-blog-largeJane’s List of Favorites

1. Hi, my name is Jane and I’m pregnant

2. 8 weeks pregnant: First doctor appointment

3. What can you eat when pregnant?

4. 2nd pregnancy appointment

5. Who says I can’t go to a Britney Spears concert pregnant?

6. 12 weeks pregnant: Porn Star Boobs

7. Pregnant thoughts about non-pregnant friends

8. Baby registries and other ramblings from a mom-to-be

9. A crazy pregnancy craving food creation

10. 13 weeks pregnant: Maternity shopping and pimples

11. Holy nipples and blue veins: pregnant boob problems?

12. List of 51 Old Wives Tales: Find out the sex of your baby!

13. Vivid sex dreams: Wow!  Pregnancy makes dreams go wild!

14. Pregnancy ups, down, worries, and giggles

15. Pregnancy: What I want and what people think I want

16. 15 weeks pregnant: Exercise and ice cream

gravitar-his-boys-can-swim-largeTarzan’s List of Favorites

1. Preparing for fatherhood: Do I freak our now or later?

2. A note to my child who is currently living in my wife’s belly.

3. Mood Swings: The survival guide for the father-to-be

4. The Top 10 reasons why she might be pregnant

5. Orgasmic Birth: They had an orgasm during childbirth?

6. 12 Weeks Pregnant: A grocery shopping and food nightmare!

7. Pregnant thoughts from a soon-to-be father

8. I scream, you scream, it’s me and ice cream? Father-to-be food cravings?

9. The stress of having a wife who is 13 weeks pregnant, the economy, and a white hair

10.  His Boys Can Swim? Don’t believe everything you hear!

11. Pregnancy Gas: Wife’s early pregnancy gas nearly drive husband out of house.

12. 14 weeks pregnant: Nausea and morning sickness hitting Jane HARD today.

13. Tarzan’s Ultimate Guide to Baby Sizes week-by-week for soon-to-be fathers.

14. Revolutionary Weight Loss Program For Soon To Be Fathers!

15. The Nine Months of Pregnancy Song: Sung By Jane & Tarzan.

16. Shocking pregnancy trends.

17. Father-to-be thoughts about first times and last times

So now that you’ve gone through our list of favorite posts, which blog post or posts did you like the most?

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1 Tarzan

I’m reading some of our old posts and looking back. Wow, we’ve come a long way and this has been one heck of a journey… and it’s only just begun!

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