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Makeup Secrets- Halloween Face Painting Ideas For Kids

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Every Halloween, thousands of kids go trick-or-treating, basket in hand, walking from door-to-door to get their candy.

Halloween costumes for kids might entail wigs, masks and all kinds of accessories, but sometimes all that can just be uncomfortable. Face paint might be an option for you, giving you the flexibility of what your child wants exactly, if the mask just doesn’t do.

Here is a list of application secrets to help your little ghost, goblin or vampire look their best on Halloween night.

Apply Makeup | Face Paint to Clean Faces

This is one of the most important makeup tips. Thoroughly cleanse your child’s face with warm water and soap—nothing else. Using creams, wipes or harsh cleaners can irritate the skin. Once their face is cleansed, make sure their skin is completely dry before applying makeup. If there is still some water residue left over, the makeup will not set properly, which will make it become runny.

Test Run Prior to Halloween

Some children have very sensitive skin, so the makeup sticks and face paint you bought could just give them an allergic reaction or rashes. Do everything you would on Halloween night, take a picture and leave the makeup on for a few hours then wash it off. Check to see if they develop any reactions. It’s better to know this sooner rather than later, that way you can adjust or make changes to what you are using. While applying the makeup, be sure to apply powder over the makeup to set it, it will keep the makeup in place and help it from sweating off or streaking during the night.

Check Packaging | Expired?

Don’t just grab the first thing you see. Much like food, you should check the expiration date. If you come across something that’s not good anymore, bring it to the store manager. That way, no one else will buy the old makeup. Using old makeup isn’t great for your skin, especially the delicate skin children have.

Stage Makeup, Better Choice?

The report, Makeup 101: A Safe, reaction-free Halloween for your kids: 2009, stage makeup might be better to use on your child because it’s generally better quality than Halloween makeup. According to the report, “Halloween makeup and stage makeup differ in that stage makeup offers better quality ingredients, which reduces risk of an allergic reaction.” It might be more expensive, but if you’re worried about your child developing reactions, this might be a better choice for you.

Just Like Art | Completely Cover Your ‘Canvas’

Cover the child’s entire face and lips in a cost of base first. For fairies, princesses or everyday characters, this might just be a foundation one shade lighter than your child’s face. For zombies, vampires, or the like, you should use a base that is stark white, according to a comprehensive report on Youth Education Programs for Theatre released by Don’t worry if it’s too thin or too thick, you can apply the base as heavy or light as you want, whatever gives it the best look for your child.

Take Off Makeup Before Bed!

I know this sounds like a “No, duh!” comment, but after the excitement of trick-or-treating your kid might just fall asleep where he or she sits. To prevent irritation or rashes, thoroughly wash their face with warm water and soap.

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