Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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About Jane & Tarzan

tarzan-and-janeTarzan And Jane Are Real People.

Although the names Tarzan and Jane are made up to protect our identities, this blog, and everything you read here is real.  Believe us.  It’s very real.

How It All Started… Yes, This Is A True Story.

Jane slowly removed her shirt.  Tarzan’s pulse quickened.  He went up to her and slowly started to… Whoa!  Hold up!  As far as how “IT” all started, we’ll leave that to your imagination. Here’s their story…

Tarzan and Jane are a recently married couple.  They may be a lot like you, or even someone you know.  They live in a typical town, live in a typical house, live typical lives, and had talked about possibly trying for a baby late 2009 or 2010.

Although they were in no rush to have a child, their parents became the, “so when are you going to make us grandparents” type-people, every time they saw them.

Tarzan and Jane told them that they will have to wait two to three years.  Well, that was the plan anyway.

And we all know how things don’t always go as planned…

Not too long ago, Jane awoke one night feeling a little sick.  She brushed it off, thinking it must have been something she ate for dinner that didn’t settle too well in her belly.  The next night, the same feeling came back.  Then after a few days, the feeling started to appear in the morning.  Before long, she realized something was going on that wasn’t so ordinary.  And it all started to make sense when…

Jane’s time of the month went missing.

positive-ept-pregnancy-testSeveral days went by and there was still no sign of her monthly visitor.

Jane then went to the store, purchased a pregnancy test, and drove home wondering if she could possibly be impregnated by her husband, Tarzan.

She went into the bathroom, opened the box, took out the pregnancy test, and peed on the stick wondering how long it takes for the results to show up.

She didn’t have to wait long at all.  In fact, within just seconds of peeing on the stick, a plus-sign instantly appeared.

And it was at that very moment that Jane’s and Tarzan’s lives would forever change.

The Phone Call

Jane didn’t know what to do.  She didn’t know how her husband Tarzan would react.  A thousand thoughts rushed through her mind.  Oh my god, I’m pregnant…

Tarzan was out running some errands when he decided to give Jane a call and see what she was up to.  When she answered the phone, he could immediately tell by the tone of her voice that something was wrong.  Tarzan could feel in the pit of his stomach that it was something BIG…

Please come home, Jane said softly to Tarzan.

Jane began to cry.  As Tarzan rushed back to his car he asked her what was wrong.  I’m pregnant, she said.

Tarzan stopped in his tracks and stood there for a moment while 1,000 thoughts rushed through his mind.  The whole world started spinning.  He rushed back to his car while trying to talk to Jane using a complete sentence.

“How did… What if… How could… I mean… What do I… I mean what do you, well, ummmm… how… uhhh… we don’t have maternity insurance… I just… I thought the pill… you… I can’t… ummm… when did this happen? I wonder if… well, I mean are you sure?”

Tarzan finally composed himself and talked to Jane all the way home up until he walked in the door reassuring her that everything was going to be OK and that they would figure everything out.

Tarzan and Jane sat on their couch for hours talking.  Although they weren’t planning on becoming parents so quickly, they accepted it.  They soon realized that their initial fears of becoming parents were now being replaced by excitement… and so their journey to parenthood began.

Now hold on to your hat.  You’re coming on this journey with Jane and Tarzan.

In fact, you will have a front row seat and a glimpse into their private lives.  You’ll read about Jane’s pregnancy journey, Tarzan’s attempts to deal with Jane’s hormones, and their chronicles of life after the plus sign.

How The Idea For His Boys Can Swim Was Conceived

The idea for the HisBoysCanSwim.com blog was first conceived by the husband (AKA “Tarzan“).  His wife, (AKA “Jane“) was overheard telling one of her girlfriends friends that, “his boys can swim!“.

You see, after Jane got off the phone, Tarzan told Jane that he was very surprised that his boys could actually swim.  He admitted to drinking way too many Mountain Dew’s and spending way too much time riding his bike growing up.  And he also admitted to the years of wearing tighty-whities when he was growing up.

In fact, deep down inside, Tarzan had often wondered if his boys could swim at all.

Once the initial shock of the though of becoming parents subsided (somewhat, anyway),  the term, “his boys can swim” became a joke between Tarzan and Jane.  But little did Jane know that the joke would soon be on her.

Tarzan came up with an idea.  He got the name HisBoysCanSwim.com, hired someone to create this blog, and one day surprised Jane with it.

Jane was shocked to learn that Tarzan had such a site created, but after a few days she became more and more fond of the idea.  And now, she looks forward to posting her thoughts, insights, and journey a woman faces on the road to motherhood.

Why Tarzan And Jane Are Doing This…

You may be wondering why a typical newly married couple would want to share their private lives on a blog.  And in fact, Jane and Tarzan often wonder why they are doing it as well!

baby-conceived-on-halloween-nightHowever, they realize that this will be a great place to document their thoughts, feelings, and journey to parenthood and beyond, in hopes that other soon-to-be parents will learn a few things from their journey.

And, in case you’re wondering… Tarzan and Jane conceived their baby on Halloween night.

Maybe it was too many jello shots at the part they attended.  Maybe it was Jane’s costume and short shirt that brought out the “real” Tarzan in her husband.

Or maybe it was just a simple thing like one missed pill?

Welcome To Our World: A Personal Message…

Hello.  This is Tarzan. First, I just have to get this out…

Wow! We have no idea what we’re in for here. All we know is that we’re going to be sharing our private lives with the world and you have a front row seat!

Jane and I are excited, yet a little freaked out to share EVERYTHING here, but why not? Who else is going to tell you what it’s really like both from a women’s and a man’s point of view?

Who else is going to let you see exactly what it’s like dealing with morning sickness, nausea, stress, cravings, and the 1,000 other things a woman has to put up with?

Who else is going to share each and every detail that you’d never tell your friends and family about when it comes to baby poop, baby pee, and the long hours of rocking your baby to sleep while you drool on yourself from exhaustion?

And who else is going to tell you what it’s like to be a guy in the thick of it all?

When Jane was pregnant, I was running out late at night to buy pickles, dealing with her hormones, crying, happiness, mood changes, asking me if I think she’s fat, figuring out everything financially (as you know, we were not planning this!), and on and on and on.

I’m not going to hold anything back – and I know Jane won’t either.

Welcome to our lives.  We hope you enjoy our pregnancy and baby blog posts.

Your friends,

Tarzan, Jane, and Tarzan’s Boys.

P.S… We are now officially parents!  Our son was recently born! See this blog post for details…

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