Friday, November 27, 2015
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Growing Pregnant Belly Week By Week


Pregnancy Week By Week Pictures

Hello, Tarzan here!

Welcome to Pregnant Jane’s Pregnancy week by week picture gallery.  Throughout Jane’s pregnancy, we’ve taken pictures of Jane’s pregnant belly – trying to do so every Friday or Saturday.  And it wasn’t always easy…

Many of the below pregnancy week by week pictures below were taken in the middle of pregnancy hormone arguments.  Sometimes we weren’t talking.  Sometimes Jane was mad at something I said because she took it the wrong way.  And sometimes I was mad at Jane for some reason.  But one way or another, we were able to keep up with this pregnancy week by week page.

However, many of the pregnancy week by week photos were taken with laugher and awe – amazed by how much Jane’s pregnant belly has grown week by week.  The only week that we missed was pregnancy week 22, which was when Jane’s sex drive finally kicked back into gear… for that week anyway.  :)

It’s been an amazing ride watching Jane’s pregnant belly grow each and every week.  Pregnancy is incredible – even through emotions can run wild at times, pregnancy has brought Jane and I closer and more in love. :)

So have fun looking at Jane’s pregnancy week by week pictures below and feel free to comment on the bottom of this page.


Below are photos taken of Jane
week-by-week during her pregnancy:

11 Weeks Pregnant belly
12 weeks pregnant belly
13 weeks pregnant belly
14 weeks pregnant
14 weeks pregnant belly
15 weeks pregnant belly
15 weeks pregnant belly
16 weeks pregnant belly
16 weeks pregnant belly
17 weeks pregnant
17 weeks pregnant belly
pregnancy week 18
18 weeks pregnant belly
19 weeks pregnant belly picture
19 weeks pregnant belly
20 weeks pregnant belly
20 weeks pregnant belly
21 weeks pregnant belly
21 weeks pregnant belly

22 weeks pregnant belly
picture was supposed to go here.
Jane’s sex drive finally came back
this week and we were too busy. ;)

Pregnancy 23 Weeks
23 Weeks Pregnant Belly
24 weeks pregnant belly
24 weeks pregnant belly
25 weeks pregnant belly
25 weeks pregnant belly
26 weeks pregnant belly
26 weeks pregnant belly
27 weeks pregnant belly
27 weeks pregnant belly
28 weeks pregnant belly
28 weeks pregnant belly
29 weeks pregnant belly
29 weeks pregnant belly
30 weeks pregnant belly
30 weeks pregnant belly
Pregnancy week 31
31 weeks pregnant belly
32 weeks pregnant belly
32 weeks pregnant belly
33 weeks pregnant belly
33 weeks pregnant belly
34 weeks pregnant belly

34 weeks pregnant belly

35 weeks pregnant belly

35 weeks pregnant belly

pregnancy week 36

36 weeks pregnant belly

37 weeks pregnant belly

37 weeks pregnant belly

38 weeks pregnant belly

38 weeks pregnant belly

Pregnancy week 39

39 weeks pregnant belly

40 weeks pregnant, our little monkey is born!

40 weeks pregnant & our little monkey is born on his due date

Below are photos of Jane’s (un)pregnancy belly!  For more information
see our blog post about how to lose weight after pregnancy.

one week postpartum pregnancy picture

One week postpartumbelly picture

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1 iffy

Good thanks i love this site and have seen a what i am looking for.

Thanks once more


If the tests are negative, you are not pregnant, just fat.

3 TIffany DeJesus

I think i am pregnant and my stomach has started to look like yours did when you had your very first picture. but all the pregnancy test i have taken come up negative. can you tell me what you think.

4 Madge

We need an update!

5 bandfsfirstpregnancy

*sigh* your pregnant belly looks so much better than mine! :) And it does make ME feel better – your postpartum belly gives me hope for after baby (I know, so vain!) :)
I hope you are doing well!

6 madge

We need more post partum belly pics! Monkey is a month old!

7 Laura

I am only 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby, but I can’t believe how small your tummy is one week post-partum! I guess I expected it to be a bit bigger for a little while at least. You look great!

8 Jackie

Wow that is awesome. How wonderful that you did that ~ I only have a few pics of me when I w as pregnant. When I see the progression of others I wish I had taken more. :)

9 superkaty

this is so very, very encouraging. jane, you look FABULOUS!

10 Tarzan

You two read my mind or read the post I will be publishing tomorrow that includes a photo of Jane now. :) I’m too tired to finish the post… wanted to get it up tonight, but also need to sleep… it’s going to be a long night I think. Uggghhhh.

11 Dallely

Hey tarzan you should post a belly photo of Jane holding little monkey on her belly..ofcouse he can face the wall to keep his identity…and also post some after pics to see how Jane gets her body back in shape…just some ideas….

12 bandffirstpregnancy

I love these pictures – I’m in week 12 and feel much better looking at your belly!
Yes – please show us the ‘shrinking’ down! I saw another site that did that – it’s AMAZING how that works! :)

13 DeLorean

Hey J and T…. Its me again… Just wanted to say good luck and I hope the baby and J come out Great!! Im 16 weeks and so excited… WiSh you 3 the best…

14 Leanna

Looking low at 39 weeks!

15 Tarzan

Thanks everyone! Just uploaded pregnancy week 39. Wonder if we’ll make it to pregnancy week # 40? We’re getting VERY CLOSE! We can’t wait to meet Baby Tarzan!

16 DeLorean

Im am so happy you guys are willing to do this…. So special of you guys i wish we had the means and know how to put up a web page for our baby.. Also. there arent too many website sites were you can get such great pic.! With week by week growth! I admire you Tarzan and Jane thanks

17 Taylor

i know what you mean about maternity insurance. insurance can cover everything else, but not a baby. i had to go through hell to get assistance through medicaid. Good Luck!

18 Kim

Jane and Tarzan – Thanks for the pictures! Jane, your belly is absolutely beautiful! I’m only 16 weeks and I wish I looked so good!

19 pink

yay belly pics! gorgeous!

20 jackie

yayyy belly pics!! you look great!

21 Helen

waaaa?? No more belly pics…c’mon!

22 J.D.

What happened? No more pictures?

23 pink

looking forward to seeing the changes!!

24 Lauren P.

Use the self timer and take it yourself! That’s how I did all of my weekly belly shots! Can’t wait to see how you’ve grown! :D

25 Jane

well my husband promised that he would do it last night, then he promised to do it today. i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

26 jackie

wheres the belly?!???

27 Jane

Should be coming tonight everyone!

28 peta

I agree we need a update on the belly :)

29 Jamie

Where’s Jane’s belly pics?? I miss the updates!

30 Sally

What great fun … what a surprise – a big one – finding out your a preggers… I know how you feel (it happened to me twice – both boys – I think boys are the surprisers)… you gotta respect that little soul in you showing up uninvited so to speak and crashin’ your party… enjoy the ride! Watch out for icecream cravings!! I gained over 60 lbs each time – loved the being pregnant part and the bigger boobs – delivery not so much! How about those belly casts?! Thanks for sharing your journey (0:

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