Monday, February 8, 2016
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Growing Pregnant Belly Week By Week


Pregnancy Week By Week Pictures

Hello, Tarzan here!

Welcome to Pregnant Jane’s Pregnancy week by week picture gallery.  Throughout Jane’s pregnancy, we’ve taken pictures of Jane’s pregnant belly – trying to do so every Friday or Saturday.  And it wasn’t always easy…

Many of the below pregnancy week by week pictures below were taken in the middle of pregnancy hormone arguments.  Sometimes we weren’t talking.  Sometimes Jane was mad at something I said because she took it the wrong way.  And sometimes I was mad at Jane for some reason.  But one way or another, we were able to keep up with this pregnancy week by week page.

However, many of the pregnancy week by week photos were taken with laugher and awe – amazed by how much Jane’s pregnant belly has grown week by week.  The only week that we missed was pregnancy week 22, which was when Jane’s sex drive finally kicked back into gear… for that week anyway.  :)

It’s been an amazing ride watching Jane’s pregnant belly grow each and every week.  Pregnancy is incredible – even through emotions can run wild at times, pregnancy has brought Jane and I closer and more in love. :)

So have fun looking at Jane’s pregnancy week by week pictures below and feel free to comment on the bottom of this page.


Below are photos taken of Jane
week-by-week during her pregnancy:

11 Weeks Pregnant belly
12 weeks pregnant belly
13 weeks pregnant belly
14 weeks pregnant
14 weeks pregnant belly
15 weeks pregnant belly
15 weeks pregnant belly
16 weeks pregnant belly
16 weeks pregnant belly
17 weeks pregnant
17 weeks pregnant belly
pregnancy week 18
18 weeks pregnant belly
19 weeks pregnant belly picture
19 weeks pregnant belly
20 weeks pregnant belly
20 weeks pregnant belly
21 weeks pregnant belly
21 weeks pregnant belly

22 weeks pregnant belly
picture was supposed to go here.
Jane’s sex drive finally came back
this week and we were too busy. ;)

Pregnancy 23 Weeks
23 Weeks Pregnant Belly
24 weeks pregnant belly
24 weeks pregnant belly
25 weeks pregnant belly
25 weeks pregnant belly
26 weeks pregnant belly
26 weeks pregnant belly
27 weeks pregnant belly
27 weeks pregnant belly
28 weeks pregnant belly
28 weeks pregnant belly
29 weeks pregnant belly
29 weeks pregnant belly
30 weeks pregnant belly
30 weeks pregnant belly
Pregnancy week 31
31 weeks pregnant belly
32 weeks pregnant belly
32 weeks pregnant belly
33 weeks pregnant belly
33 weeks pregnant belly
34 weeks pregnant belly

34 weeks pregnant belly

35 weeks pregnant belly

35 weeks pregnant belly

pregnancy week 36

36 weeks pregnant belly

37 weeks pregnant belly

37 weeks pregnant belly

38 weeks pregnant belly

38 weeks pregnant belly

Pregnancy week 39

39 weeks pregnant belly

40 weeks pregnant, our little monkey is born!

40 weeks pregnant & our little monkey is born on his due date

Below are photos of Jane’s (un)pregnancy belly!  For more information
see our blog post about how to lose weight after pregnancy.

one week postpartum pregnancy picture

One week postpartumbelly picture

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31 Cleo

Wow this is so cool… I am 10weeks and i am so excited.. But cant stand the sicknesses

32 jilldugan675

Good to see a series of pregnancy pictures! When a woman knows that she is pregnant, the worries about being fat is put into secondary. What matters most is the condition of her soon to be Baby!

33 Yummy Mummy Maternity

Love this! Great article, love your blog!

34 precilla

which baby is this whether it girl or boy please tell me

35 Amanda

The comment stating that if the tests are negative you are just fat is wrong. If you have been taking home pregnancy tests, there is a slight chance that you are just too early in your pregnancy for it to be detected. Usually the first few days after the missed period home pregnancy tests can detect a pregnancy. However, if you do suspect that you are pregnant you need to schedule a visit with a doctor. A blood test and even ultrasound can be done to confirm.

Amanda RN, BSN

36 Sue Lazic

Congradulations ! What a great idea to take pic week by week ! Wish i thought of it.

37 liberty

I like those blue sweats. What brand are they.

38 Liza

Loved looking at these! Gonna do it myself

39 Nelly

I don’t know if i should be worried or excited, when i touch my belly i feel that it is too soft at 11 weeks, im not feeling anything at all. You’ve got some really cool pics. I wish i could do that.

40 Estephanie

wow! those are some great pix! now im not so worried my belly isnt qrowinq at 12 weeks,, :)

41 Ms.Lynn

I’m 18 weeks today and our belly looks the same but I still have a long way to go Nov.24.2010

42 Nikki

How lovely, i’m currently 23 weeks pregnant with my third. Didn’t get time to take week by week pics of my tummy so only took one a week before with my others. To be fair i’ll only take one with this one too. But i really enjoyed looking at your growing bump so thanks for putting them on :) xx

43 Juana

Cute. Your pictures are beautiful I’m having my second baby I am 14 weeks pregnant. Don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy yet but I’m soo excited I love your website. 

44 Tami

Hiya I’m Tami, Am Actualy From Scotland, And Found It Realy Interesting Looking At Your Site…I’m 27Weeks Pregnant With My 2Nd Baby But It Still Puts My Mind At Ease To See Your Tummy Pics At 27Weeks, I’m Roughly The Same Size I Think, Maybe A Bit Bigger But I Would Rather That Than The Baby Being Too Small, It Sounds Soo Bad But I Cant Realy Remember What Size I Was At 27Weeks With My Son..Some People Have Been Saying I’m Huge(Confidence Booster Aha) But Then Others Say I’m Not That Big But I’ve Got My Midwife This Week So I’ll See For Sure Then….Anyway Thanks Very Much For Posting Your Pics…xx

45 Alli

I started “showing” around 3 months, but I think that’s because I have been pregnant once before… They say if you’ve been pregnant before, you “show” faster. However, I did not make it past 12 weeks during the first pregnancy and by then you couldn’t tell AT ALL. I looked skinny-as-can-be!

I started showing this time because I was getting lazy and wanted to relax my belly. If I had flexed my stomach and “sucked in” a little (like I normally do!) I think I could have gotten away with it for another month. Everyone’s different… I’m 6 months now & I’ve had people call me “HUGE.” THANKS A LOT!

Here’s what I look like now at 6 months… Thanks iPhone! Your pictures are GREAT (yeah, right…)!/photo.php?pid=376523&id=100000120986954

46 Pregnancy Timeline

When on average do you start showing?

47 krystalyn

hey everyone…im 16 years old and will be 17 …( 7-27-93) ….im 6 mons pregnant and im not sure if i’ll be able to care for my baby…how i really want to care for her .
im kinda scared cause im pregant at a young boyfriend left when he found out i was pregnant cause he got scared and said he wouldnt be able to help me beacuse he dosent know how to care for a child, he promised me that he would be there for me when i have the baby…and that he will try his best to support me but then h said if he looses his patiants with the baby that he is leaving and will only pay support…can somone add me on yahoo or msn to talk with me…

48 Alli

This makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER about how my belly looks right now. This is my belly about 2 weeks ago (14 wks):

By all means “Jane” isn’t “big” at all –but I’ve gained about 10 pounds already, and though most of it is probably BOOB (I went from a 32A to a 34C already!) I feel like a heifer. Thank you so much for posting this! Someone said I was getting “huge” today o_O Thanks a lot!

49 Helen

I’m a nurse, so I thought I’d jump in and answer this one for you. The risk of pregnancy increases dramatically the more pills in a row that you miss taking. In other words, the risk is quite low if you miss only one pill, but much higher if you miss two. Of course, it also depends on when you had sex during the month you missed your pills. The human body is pretty smart though– eggs can sit around a while waiting for sperm to show up, and sperm can wait in your system for up to FIVE days for an egg to be released….so you just never know.
My advice– treat yourself as though you are pregnant until you can take a test to be sure (usually a few days after you would have expected your period to start)
Good luck!

50 KCM

My abdomen looks like the early photos of Jane. I’m on the pill, but I missed a few a while back. Problem is, I can’t remember exactly when.
But I have nausea (but not vomiting) slight constipation and, obviously, the weight gain… What do you think? Wouldn’t the pill pretty much protect me, even if I missed a couple? :/

51 Lj

I’m wondering the size of your baby when he was born… Because my 25 week belly looks like her 30 week belly….. went from 117 currently 143 at week 25 and everything but my belly is skinny as a stick!

52 BandFsfirstpregnancy

I’m trying to tell when you ‘dropped.’ Did you ever notice it? :)

53 baby photographer shaun

That’s a great idea. I photograph quite a few “bumps” . it’s not for everyone but love the way you can see yours grow over the weeks.

54 June

The belly pictures are great! Helps to see another belly to make sure everything looks right!

55 Christine

I like the one week post partum picture. I am due in 2 days, and wasnt sure what I would come out of this all looking like. I know we all arent the same, but still, more promising! :D

56 19 weeks

ts me again… Just wanted to say good luck and I hope the baby and J come out Great!! Im 16 weeks and so excited… WiSh you 3 the best…

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