Friday, November 27, 2015
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Welcome to the 1st Official His Boys
Can Swim Pregnancy Blog Contest Page!

Our Last Blog Contest Had Over $1,600
In Prizes… 31 Prizes, 31 Winners!

Hello friends! 

Our last blog contest was a big success and a lot of fun.  Thank you to all the people/companies who donated incredible prizes – we appreciate your participation.  And of course we’d like to thank everyone who entered the contest.  To see the list of winners, click here.

We will be hosting another blog contest soon, so stay tuned!  To be the first to know about our next contest, simply fill out the form with your first name and email address below.  We will not spam you, no worries.  You’ll only be notified of an upcoming contest.

Thanks again everyone!

Tarzan and Jane

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1 Jamie Stewart

This is my 3rd entry! I just wrote a blog with the link to your blog and a link to my favorite blog post! here is the link to my blog post

also my email is shopdiva82[at]yahoo[.]com

2 Stephanie

This is my third entry…I just signed up for the newsletter! It’s all confirmed, and my first name is (obviously) Stephanie. Whee!

3 Stephanie

This is my second entry in the contest. I just tweeted the message: I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:

My Twitter ID is @omgtehbunny

4 Shari @ A Psych Mommy
5 Stephanie

1. Blue Kleo burp cloth
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon – orange
4. Ebony N Ivory Dots
5. Fresh Paisley and Polka Dots Custom Applique Monogram or Initial Chenille Bib with Double Snap Closure
6. Home Pack – cream/taupe
7. The babe sleeping on a football wearing a little beanie. The cute! Oh the cute!
8. 297 of them. Holy smokes o_O
9. Diaper Gel, Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, Hooter Hiders (lol!), Nipple Cream, Sweetie b Big Blanket…I don’t see anything I don’t like.
10. Sweet Little Baby Birth Announcement
11. Baby Shower Gift Basket – Sage, Sharmooz Spa Pillowcases – Sweet Pink
12. T-Bird
13. Baby Bear Time Capsule
14. Red and Blue Koolaid Shopping Tote
15. This is a mean, mean question to ask a pregnant lady! Coconut creams. Oooooo….coconut….
16. Linen Birth Announcements – Textured Background
17. [bump] Tee Maternity Dress
18. Chic&Comfy Baby Sling – Eco-Chic Tencel/Linen
19. LunchBots Duo
20. Eyes of the World Reversible Organic Sling
21. Howdy Partner birth announcement
22. Love You Basket
23. Small Toybox – French Vanilla/Sage with froggies and turtles
24. Third photo down in the left column, first page.
25. 7-Pic Collage Birth Announcement
26. Frame Frames™ Wall Stories 7×5 Horiz Trio Blk
27. Patchy Bunny Bean Bag
28. Milkshake tutu – purple
29. ScaldSafe Bath Thermometer
30. Olian Eve Leaf Print Tie-Back Top
31. I really like looking through the baby names. I couldn’t resist a Mommy-to-be bracelet either!

6 Shari @ A Psych Mommy

1. Dandy Damask
2. How Big is a Million
3. Quinny Buzz 3 in Apple
4. Rock in roll dream
5. Giddyup Retro cowboy chenille ultimate baby and toddler bib
6. Travel pack in orange
7. The pic with the twins and the love rock
8. Yes, a ton!
9. Belly Firm and Diaper Gel
10. Angel Baby Birth announcement
11. Satin fitted crib sheet and baby shower gift basket
12. Galaxie
13. Baby boy time capsule
14. Capri Sun mini-tote
15. Vanilla bean marshmallows
16. Elephant scribble
17. Bouncer Baby Tee
18. Eco Chic Natural with lime dots sling
19. Stainless steel
20. Atlantic nursing cover
21. Surf on over
22. Parisian damask decor stencils
23. Classic toy box
24. I like the blue crystal one, fourth one down, right column
25. Classic sage thank you
26. Frame Frames wall stories 7×5 vertical trio in black
27. I love the sleepy owl
28. Milkshake beachball baseball
29. Scald safe bath thermometer
30. Petunia Pickle Bottom Moroccan Roll
31. I like how they have tools such as the development week by week and fun birthday facts (scary to know when my baby will be driving!)

7 Paige

This is my 2nd entry into the contest. I just Tweeted the message:
I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:

My twitter ID is: @paigewolf

8 Paige

1. BoHo Chic burp Cloth
2. Baby Monster
3. Child Time Out Pad with Timer & Happy Song by Keen
4. MilkMaid
5. Chocolate Brown Lotus Lacework with Pink Floral Custom Applique Monogram Chenille Bib in Amy Butler Fabric
6. Gray Travel Pack
7. The little girl in the tutu with the tea set
8. Almost 12,000 in Philly!
9. Will probably need some nipple cream. All the stuff looks great
10. These are great, but would probably go with the simple one
11. Blue & Gold School Pride Pillowcase
12. T-Bird
13. Would have to go with the bear at this time
14. Capri Sun Shopping Tote
15. Chocolate Mint Cake – reminds me of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
16. I would design a custom one!
17. Love the Bump dresses
18. Eco Friendly Sling in Bamboo Leaf
19. LunchBots Duo
20. Gercian Nursing Dress
21. Vintage Flower
22. Love You Basket
23. Blossom Garden Bedding
24. Red and crystal
25. Our Baby Girl Birth Announcement
26. Click It Collection
27. Monkey Bean Bag
28. Happy Songs DVD
29. Mommy Recorder
30. Rockin’ Baby Shop “Perfect Day” Organic Pouch
31. I like that it has lots of information and resources for new moms and baby names and meanings

9 Reiza

I tweeted about it:

I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:

My user ID is ReizaM

10 Reiza

Entry #1.

1. Night and Day burpcloth
2. Art Ideas Pack book
3. Myles 2009 Vista 2009 delux uppa baby vista stroller
4. Milk Maid
5. Custom Appliqued New Sibling Shirt Perfect for Big Brothers and Sisters and Little Brothers and Sisters
6. Travel pack in orange
7. Page 3 in the maternity portraits, top right, a shot of an African-American mother in black looking down at her belly.
8. I’m shocked to find that yes there are some in my area.
9. Belly Firm cream
10. I guess the Yo Gaba Gaba invitation
11. New Sharmooz Spa Pillowcases (Set of 2)
12. Black dots from the Fabulous 50s collection
13. Baby girl time capsule
14. Cute coin purse
15. Chocolate mint cake balls.
16. Magnetic Birth Announcements – Striped Monogram
17. Grandma’s Tech Support Baby T Shirt
18. Sushi Sushi Bib
19. Lunch Bots Uno
20. I’m in love with the Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere
21. cupcake invitations
22. Direction of Your Dreams Medium Décor Elements
23. Swiss Strolli Rider
24. From the top, the second one down in the left column
25. Girl Hopes and Dreams photo announcement
26. Digital Embellishments–Sewing Room Stitches
27. The Early Bird on pink
28. the tutu
29. A Hospital Trip with Dr. Bip DVD
30. Mayreau Ella Wrap Dress
31. I like the Baby week-by-week calendar. The pregnancy ones can be easy to find, but once the baby’s here, the calendars that help you know what to expect are far more scarce.

11 Leah
12 Kandace

1. BoHo Chic Burp Cloth
2. Lullabies With CD
3. Bob’s Revolution Single Baby Stroller – Black
4. “Cosmo Green” Sophisticated Mama Collection
5. Custom Monogrammed Plush Chenille Blanket In Yellow Blue and Green Modern Dots
6. Home Pack (blue)
7. First picture on left hand side on newborn page
8. There are sitters in all the zip codes I might be moving to before baby is born!
9. Hooter Hiders & Belly Cream/Firm
10. Simplistic Birth Announcement
11. Solution for Infant Balding (Set of 2)
12. Galaxie Black
13. Baby Bear Time Capsule
14. Kool Coin Purses 3 for the price of 2
15. Red Velvet Cake Balls…yum
16. Linen Birth Announcements – Green Background with Black Border
17. Pistachio Damask Messenger Baby Diaper Bag
18. Sushi Sushi Bib
19. The Uno stainless steel lunch container
20. Paisley Nursing Cover
21. Italian Damask birth announcement
22. Snow Swirled Stamp Set
23. Green Pebbles Crib Bedding
24. 1st page, third bracelet down on the right
25. Classic Sage Birth Announcement
26. Frame Frames™ Wall Stories
27. Monkey bean bag on green
28. Milkshake “Moo” Toddler T-Shirt
29. ScaldSafe™ Bath Thermometer
30. Storksak Gigi – Chocolate
31. I like the fun pregnancy calendar with baby’s birthday facts!

13 Jamie Stewart

This is my 2nd entry into the contest. I just Tweeted the message:
I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:

My twitter ID is: @lovetoshopmom

14 Leah

1. BoHo Chic burp Cloth
2. Backyard Look and Say
3. Papagayo by Lambs & Ivy bedding set
4. Victorian Blu
5. Set of Two Custom Appliqued Big Sister and Little Brother Tee Shirts
6. Gray Travel pack
7. Baby being set on the scale
8. 79 babysitters within 5 miles
9. Scalp Oil
10. Simplistic Birth Announcement
11. Royal Sharmooz Ruby Pink Pillowcase
12. Bel-air
13. Baby Boy Time Capsule
14. CapriSun Shopping Tote
15. Peanut butter and chocolate cake balls
16. Magnetic Birth Announcements – Blue Circles
17. Blue Argyle Royal Beginning Diaper Changing Bag
18. Eco-Chic Mushroom w/Umbrella Fans Sling
19. LunchBots Uno
20. Layered Loungewear
21. Italian Damask Announcements for boy
22. Contempo Alphabet stamp set
23. Happy Baby Ultra Crib Bedding Bundl
25. Bubbly Baby Boy Birth Announcement
26. 8×8 Family PicFolio™ Quick Kit
27. Sleepy Owl Bean Bag
28. Purple Milkshake Tutu
29. Children’s Chewable All Natural Multi Vitamin
30. La Leche League 3/4 Sleeve Sandi Maternity/Nursing PJ
31. Fun Birthday Facts page

15 Jamie Stewart

1: Pink hot dot burb cloth
2:FAiries Luxury Touchy-feely board book
3:Bubblegum collection by bannana fish bedding set
4:OH LALA Purse
5:Butterflies Paisley & Polka Dot Bib Set
6:Home Pack
7:NEw Born Gallery 1st pic of baby wrapped in blanket
8:There are 2231 sitters in my area!!
9:Belly firm and Sweet B Big BLanket
10:Pretty Princess Birthday Invite
11: Sweet Pink Satin Fitted Crib Sheet
13:Baby girl time capsule
14:Multi-Colour koolaid tote
15:REd VElvet cake balls
16:Cute as a Button
17:Gladiola Slouch Style Diaper bag in Rich Red PAtent & Pink Zebra Toddler Car set cover
18:Tiny bubbles bib
19:lunch bots duo
20:The evita dress
21:Hear YE! Hear Ye! princess birthday invitation
22:Love you much card
23: Story time rocker in rosette velvet & Wooden hangning wall letters
24:1st page 2nd down on left with heart clasp
25:Bubble baby girl thank you card
26:8×8 family picfolio quick kit
27:monkey bean bag
28:pink milkshake tutu
29:medicine dispenser
30:cloud b twilight ladybug
31:your baby week by week developmental & milestone guide

16 Linda Stewart

This is my 3rd entry. I just blogged about your site following the instructions above! My post can be found at:

my email is Linda.Stewart(at)

17 xx


18 Linda Stewart

This is my 2nd entry into the contest. I just Tweeted the message:
I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:

My Twitter ID: NCBelle36

19 Linda Stewart

1. Blue Disco Dot Burp Cloth
2. Busy Baby Board Book
3. Electric baby nasal aspirator kit by Cleanoz
4. Mother Nature Collection – Fern
5. I love the custom monogrammed plush chenille blanket in yellow, blue and green modern dots.
6. I like the Travel Pack. It’s something that would always be in the diaper bag so it would be handy at home or away.
7. I LOVE the last picture in the newborn collection … baby & little boy with wings. How precious! I also like the baby sleeping on the football!
8. 161 Care Providers found in my area. (Franklin, NC) … that’s pretty good for this area.
9. I’d like to try the Scalp Oil.
10. I like Sweet Little Baby Birth Announcement.
11. The Satin Baby Headrest would be nice to try.
12. I like Bel Air Blue
13. Baby Boy Time Capsule … I’m thinking I should have two of these. One for each of the boys. It would be so fun watching them open them when they graduate from HS or better yet … college!
14. I love these and my absolute favorite is the Purple and Orange Koolaid Tote
15. I would love to taste Primitive Baking, INC’s Cinnamon Rolls. The picture alone has my mouth watering!
16. AWWWW … The Magnetic Birth Announcement – Elephant Scribble is too precious. It would match our nursery décor too!
17. I like the Broadway Tote Diaper Bags
18. The Caribbean Pirates Chic&Clean Bib is awesome. What a cool concept for teaching self feeding and keeping baby clean while doing so.
19. I like the Lunch Bots Duo
20. They have a great selection of Nursing Bras and since I’m larger than average it’s difficult to find good bras that fit properly.
21. I love the Timeless Heirloom Baby Boy Birth Announcement
22. I like the Creative Options with the Bigshot Creative Project.
23. I love the Wooden Hanging Letters. I’m wanting something like this for the new nursery.
24. I love the third creation on the left. It is beautiful
25. The Souls Come To Earth II Birth Announcement in the Baby Boy Cardstock Birth Announcements collection is precious.
26. I like the Frame Frames Wall Stories. Pretty cool concept and would be beautiful on any wall.
27. The Giraffe Bean Bag is cute but I also like Timmy Tiger.
28. The Milkshake “moo” Toddler T Shirts are too cute!
29. ScaldSafe Bath Thermometer
30. I like the EmmaLu Designs Infant Car Seat Cover
31. I Love the week by week information you can get about your pregnancy and then follow the baby’s week by week growth after delivery.

Email Address is Linda.Stewart(at)

20 Megan

I just Tweeted the message:
I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:

My twitter ID is: @mamatisca

21 Mommy in Pink

I just tweeted this…

22 Mommy in Pink

1. Pink Disco Dots
2. 123 Jigsaw book
3. Bob’s Revolution Single Baby Stroller – Black
4. Pink Damask
5. Monogrammed Plush Chenille Blanket In Pink and Chocolate
6. pink home pack
8. Wow…there are 15,130 in my city…I can’t believe it!
9. I love the belly cream and th baby butter!
10. Pretty Princess Birthday!
11. pink satin crib sheet
12. galaxie
13. obviously the baby girl time capsule
14. the capri sun mini tote
15. Definitely the choc. covered cherries!
16. Magnetic Birth Announcements – Character Border Pink
17. Pink Polkadot SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band
18. Eco-Chic Natural baby sling w/Pink Flowers
19. lunchbots duo
20. maya wrap original
21. strawberry fields/strawberry shortcake
22. flitting
23. little taggie pink
24. i like the 3rd one down in the right column
25. flat panel thank you’s
26. pic folio max
27. Early Bird Bean Bag
28. i like the milkshake tutu’s
29. the thermometer is my fave and i also like the bath therm too
30. bamboo belly bandit
31. I love the pregnancy week by week and the baby week by week feature!

23 Angel Ishmael

This is my 2nd entry
I tweeted: I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes:
Tweeter id : ishgirls

24 Erin

This is my second entry! I tweeted you here:

I am @erincharp on twitter

25 Erin

1. I love the Blue Kelo burp cloth. I have a nursing cover in that pattern.
2. That’s Not My Dragon looks cute
3. Raspberry swirl bedding
4. Milk Maid
5. I love all of the bibs. I can’t choose which one, because they’re all so unique!
6. Orange travel pack looks handy
7. I like the closeup of the belly where the mom has on a twisted bandeau top with stripes
8. Yes, one right by my house.
9. The belly cream sounds divine
10. I like the Sweet Little Baby one (she just designed my son’s 2nd birthday invites!)
11. A Ruby pink satin pillowcase sounds divine
12. Galaxie
13. Baby Bear, since this is a surprise baby
14. Red and Blue KoolAid
15. Red Velvet Cake Balls!
16. I like the bursts design
17. I really like the peace sign maternity shirt
18. I like the celery with pink sling
19. Uno lunch container looks handy
20. The layered nursing loungewear looks super comfy
21. I love love the joy christmas card
22. I like the die-cut blooms
23. The dinosaur toddler bedding is way cute
24. I like this one the best:
25. I really like the 12 month picture birthday invites. What a neat idea.
26. I like the mod memory mate case
27. Love the Timmy Tiger beanbag. How fun!
28. Happy Songs CD
29. Chewable vitamins
30. I love the Japanese Weekend sweater dress
31. I really like how it stores all the information new parents need to know by easily clinkable links and categories. How simple, yet informative.

26 Angel Ishmael

1. Blue Kleo burpcloth
2. 1001 things to spot in fairyland
3. frog pod-green deluxe
4. sophisticated mama collection-decadent chocolate
5.custom appliqued new sibling shirt
6. med basics travel pack
7. newborn feet in dads hands
8. 46321 – 20,312 sitters available in my area! WOW
9. baby butter and belly cream
10. pretty princess birthday
11. mommy executive cap
12. black and white polkadot
13. baby bear time capsule
14. gift card holders
15. all of them! especially the Neopolitan Marshmallows
16. magnetic birth announcements with baby monogram
17. blue flower swelly belly maternity band
18. aqua surf baby sling
19. lunch bots duo
20. maternity and nursing activewear 3 piece set
21. surf on over
22. vinyl art monograms – home decor
23. little princess toybox
24. 2nd page, bottom right. Turquoise bracelet
25. blue and black II return address labels
26. inspiration products – expressions of scripture
27. kinderbags. girls
28. happy songs cd
29. medicine dispenser
30. belly bandit wrap
31. website is really cool, i like that you can see your pregnancy week by week, baby’s development week by week and even look at baby names etc…very useful information!

27 Angela Bailey

This is my second entry. I posted the following on Twitter: I entered the @hisboyscanswim Contest for Moms and Moms-to-be! Over $1,594 in prizes: The link is My Twitter ID is @theladya. Thanks.

28 Angela Bailey

1. Blue Hot Dot burp cloth
2. 100 Rocks and Minerals to Spot – IR (Spotter’s Cards )
3. G-Lite 2009 Lightweight Baby Stroller by Uppa Baby – Black/Jake
4. Neopolitan Stripes
5. Custom Monogrammed Plush Chenille Blanket In Pink and Chocolate by Olive and Ollie
6. Your Essential guide, Baby MEDBASICS® Home Pack, pink
8. Yes, there are 5 within 7 miles of me.
9. Baby Butter
10. Sweet Little Baby Birth Announcement
11. Satin Fitted Crib Sheet
12. The Fabulous 50s Collection
13. Baby Bear Time Capsule
14. Strawberry-Kiwi and Orange Koolaid Tote
15. Neopolitan Marshmallows
16. Magnetic Birth Announcements – Photo Gathering
17. Monkeying Around Dora Nascar Racing Jacket
18. Eco-Chic Natural w/Orange Flowers
19. LunchBots Duo
20. Sidney Faux Wrap
21. Football Invitations
22. Stamp-A-Ma-Jig
23. Walnut Mini Library
24. blue and pink one
25. Baby Boy Photo Card Birth Announcements
26. New Calendar
27. Monkey Bean Bag
28. Bottle of Sunshine – CD
29. Whistle Watch
30. Diaper Dude Diaper Bags for Dad
31. I like tips for choosing baby names.

29 Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

This is my second entry, here is the link to my tweet
My twitter id is

cat at 3kidsandus dot com

30 Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

1. Pink Hot Dot Burp Cloth
2. Baby Sister Look and Say Book
3. The Frog Pod
4. Sweet Jane
5. Chocolate Brown Lotus Lacework with Pink Floral Custom Applique Bib
6. Pink Home Pack
7. I love the one with mom hlding her baby and the baby’s little tooshie showing.
8. Wow, there’s a 140 in our town, I had no idea.
9. Would love to try the nipple cream.
10. Simplistic Birth Announcement
11. Sweet Pink Satin Fitted Crib Sheet
12. Galaxie
13. Baby Girl Time Capsule
14. Capri Sun Mini Tote
15. Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
16. Magnetic Birth Announcements – Baby Girl Layout Style: A-10610
17. Lacy Pink Damask Messenger Baby Diaper Bag
18. Fuchsia Bloom Cozy Blanket Bag
19. LunchBots Duo
20. Ruffles Henley Nursing Tee
21. Sugar and Spice (pink gingham)
22. Flitting By I Décor Elements
23. Soft Designer Blocks
24. I like this mix of pink and light green on the 2nd page. (2nd row, first)
25. Hopes and Dreams Birth Announcement
26. Keepsake Display – Black
27. Early Bird Bean Bag
28. Pink Milkshake Tutu
29. ScaldSafe Bath Thermometer
30. Beaba Babycook
31. I love the Baby Development Week by Week Feature

cat at 3kidsandus dot com
(thanks so much for the chance to win, these are fabulous sponsors!)