Sunday, February 7, 2016
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Nap Time Cash

Learn How We (Stay-At-Home Mom Jane and Worker Bee Tarzan) Make An Extra 0 To ,000 Per Month Writing Articles, Blog Posts, And Content For Others – And How You Can Too!

Dear Readers,

They say in tough times that sometimes you need to get creative to make some extra money.  You name it, we’ve done it.  Over time, we’ve tried just about every “business opportunity” out there, only to end up losing more money than we spent.  We’ve sold items that we don’t use any longer on Craigslist and eBay, but soon ran out of items we could (or would want to) sell.

We’ve searched through and tried just about every “work from home” offer you can find out there.  But at the end of the day, we were not making enough money to make it worthwhile.

So a little while ago, my wife Jane and I (the creators of this blog) decided to do something that has been staring us in the face the whole time.  We decided to look around for ways that we can make money doing something we both like to do, which is writing.  After some research, we found that there are a lot of people and BIG corporations out there who pay people to write articles, blog posts, content for websites, magazine articles, content for brochures, and on and on.

We figured that since we both love to write (as you can tell by the HUNDREDS of blog posts on HisBoysCanSwim), this would be an easy little side business that we could both do together.  And because you can write during the day, during nap time, night time, or any time, this would be a great way for Jane to make some extra money as a stay-at-home mom.

We spent a few hours here and there researching everywhere online for the first couple of months.  We sent tons of emails and even made some phone calls to to everyone we could find.  Jane got the first “gig” and was paid $50 to write three articles for a website that took her under an hour to do.  We were excited and knew that we were onto something.

A New Client Who Pays Us $4,000.00 Every 3 Months
= Being Paid $44.44 An Hour!


Over the course of the last year or so, we’ve made anywhere from $200 to $4,000.00 in a single month working VERY part-time writing for others.  Some projects paid us $7.  Some $10.  Some $50.  Some $200.  Some $750.  Some $2,000.  And the highest so far has been $4,000.00 which came in September, 2011 from a client who will pay us $4,000.00 every 3 months to write content for two of their websites on an ongoing basis.  (This doesn’t include the sale of an ebook that Jane wrote that we discuss in our ebook.)

The way that this project works out is that they hired us to write an article (blog post) for their website every single day.  So that’s 30 articles per month.  After 3 months, that’s 90 articles written and $4,000.00 sent to us.  Each article takes us about an hour to write, which is a total of 30 hours of work each month. Times that by three months = 90 hours of work, which makes us $44.44 an hour writing simple blog posts.  Not bad!

That’s an extra $16,000.00 per year we make from just one client!

Our goal is to find a handful of clients who are paying us monthly to write content for them.  That way we wouldn’t have to spend any time searching for potential jobs anymore.  Now for us, we’re doing this to make extra money.  We have other projects that we’re working on and (at least for now) we do not have plans to make this our full-time focus.  However, there are months that bring in a full-time income working very part-time.

0 Per Hour

Another recent client contacted me (Tarzan) because they saw some work that I did on another website and loved the style of writing that I used.  They contacted me and offered me $750 to write several short articles for them.  I looked at the scope of worked involved and jumped on it.  It took me 2 and 1/2 hours to do, which meant that I made $300.00 per hour while working on that project.

The screenshot of the direct deposit into our bank account is a little small to fit everything on here, sorry about that.  But the deposit was made on November 7th for $750.00.

Now I’m VERY excited where the relationship with that company may lead because they are a multi-billion dollar corporation (and one that you and your kids know very, very well!)  One the articles are published on their website, if they receive great feedback, they’ll be coming back to me for more.  I’m going to try and see if I can work a monthly or quarterly deal out with them so I can take them on as a long-term client.

0 Per Hour

Jane found a project that was still writing, but it was a different form of writing.  A business owner needed someone to transcribe a couple of conference calls they had recorded and then take the information discussed on the call and turn it into a 2-3 page information sheet.  The topic was on weight loss and weight loss products, so it was already a topic Jane knew a lot about and bid on the project.  She got it.

The project took Jane a total of 6 hours to complete (which was spread out over 30 days) and was paid $600 for her work, which equals out to $100 per hour.  In addition, we get side jobs here and there where we charge people anywhere from $7 to $50 to write articles, blog posts, and/or website content.  Depending on the site we use and/or the client, many of the payments come in via PayPal.

The two recurring payments that you see below was for a writing project for a client who was going to pay us $242.91 per month to write some articles, post them on her website, and then get some backlinks to the articles by doing what is called blog commenting.  The project was going great, but she ended up selling her website and the new owner already had people to do the work we were doing.

paypal image

45 Ways To Make Money With Your Writing

After about a year of some researching, getting clients, trying new things, we ended up with what we call our “money list”.  This is a list of 45 websites that we both have shared in our favorites on our computers.  Whenever we want to pick up a new client and some work, we go to any of these sites to see what we can find.  We ALWAYS find something because there are so many people and companies who need articles, blog posts, website content, written content, etc.

This list has become our “money list” because any time we want to make some extra money, this is where we go.  It’s such a great feeling not having to scramble around searching for ways to bring extra money in.  It’s also a great feeling to know that whatever we want, we can use our “money list” to fund it.

For example, the other day we needed to get our car serviced, which included needing 4 new tires, and a few odds and ends.  The cost?  A little over $700 after everything was all said and done.  That would have REALLY HURT awhile ago.  Now even though the last thing I wanted to spend $700 on was our car, it didn’t ‘hurt’ that bad because we had the money readily available.  I paid it with our PayPal debit card, which had more than enough to cover the $700.  And even better, 100% of that money was made simply by writing content for people and companies.  How cool is that?

And because of our “money list” of 45 websites to use to make money with our writing, we went on a nice long vacation recently (which was long, long overdue!).  The airfare, rental car, gas, food, entertainment, hotel, etc. was 100% covered by the money we’ve made writing articles, blogs, and content for others.

Do you have any idea how good that feels?  Now keep in mind, Jane and I do not work on our side business every day. Some days we spend a little more time on a project to get ahead so we can take weekends off.  Some days we spend 30 minutes writing.  And some days none.  We choose when we want to work.

No Overnight Riches Or Big Promises Here

Now we don’t want other moms and dads to think that this is something you do once and you never have to work again.  We have fallen for many of those “get rich overnight” deals over the years.  The only people who get rich are those who make the empty promises.  What we are doing is a REAL business.  It’s simply called “Freelancing” and it’s a HUGE industry – and getting bigger and bigger by the second.

As more and more companies downsize and lay people off, they look to outsource work to freelancers to save money.  There is more work to go around than ever before and the opportunity will only get bigger and bigger.  So at the end of the day, you are starting a side freelance business where YOU choose the clients you work with, the hours you work, and the money you make.  You can work the business by yourself or with your spouse.  It’s 100% up to you.

It will take a little time to get going – but it is possible to make some money very quickly on many of the 45 places that we’re going to share with you.  Will you get $497, $750, $1500, or $4,000 clients right away?  Most likely not.  Those types of clients will come, but only after you have some clients under your belt and you have proven yourself.

You Do Not Need A Degree For This Business

We do not have college degrees.  In fact, unlike Jane (who does have some college under her belt) the only two times I’ve ever stepped on a college campus was about 12 years ago to go to a party.  If you have a high school education (or you are self-taught), you can type on a keyboard to make words come together in sentences, you have a fairly good grasp on the English language, then you’ve got the skills that people and companies will pay for.

We stay away from subjects that are over our heads.  For example, there are scientific companies that will pay people many thousands of dollars to write articles and papers, but you need to have specialized knowledge and understanding of what in the heck they do.  There are companies that will pay tens of thousands of dollars to write 3-4 sentence product descriptions for their catalogue, but you need to have the skills to write for catalogues.

But what is really cool about this business is that the more you get out there, the more opportunities will come your way.  The way that we got the $4,000.00 quarterly client is we became a little specialized in one area.  Meaning, we learned a lot by writing content in an industry and developed some skills that happen to be worth at least $4,000.00 a quarter to this client.

You just never know where things will lead.  One client could turn into a full-time income, or you may need several clients.  Maybe you want to make an extra $500 per month.  Maybe you want to make a few thousand dollars a month.  It’s entirely up to you.  Just know that none of this will happen over night.  You’ll most likely start off small like we did.  We made $5.00 here, $20.00 there, sometimes a $50.00 over here, and eventually found our groove.

So we cannot guarantee that you will make as much or more than us.  It’s 100% up to you because it’s your business.  But what we can guarantee, is that the guide that we have put together will save you a TON of time and research.  We know this for a fact because it took us months of trial, error, and searching to eventually come up with 45 websites that we now at our disposal anytime we want more work.  So to help you, we’ve packaged everything together and we’re now…

Introducing… Nap Time Cash

We decided to call this ebook, “Nap Time Cash” because you can make extra money when you child or children are taking a nap (which is when Jane does some of her writing).  But you can also work this business in the AM, PM, at midnight, or anytime you want from where ever you want, even your favorite bookstore or coffee shop.

Now as far as the money we make, we use the extra money to buy things we need, like gas, groceries, diapers, etc. as well as things we want, like presents for others, vacations, and to save up for other items we want to buy – instead of having to touch the normal income that comes in every month.  Now we’re finally saving money and getting everything back on track faster than we ever thought.

Inside the Nap Time Cash ebook, you will…

- Have more than just the list of 45 websites we have in our “money list”, we’ve gone through and detailed everything we could about each website.  You’ll have the links to enroll to become an author, the details on how they pay you, and our review of each website.

- Some tips, tricks, and hints on how to secure clients so that you’re not always chasing the money.  It is much easier to work with a few clients who pay you on-going rather than having to always be on the lookout for new writing projects.

- The phrase that we started adding to our communication with people who hire us that has helped us get more work… and more money.

- How to compete and beat the people overseas who advertise that they’ll write content, articles, and blog posts for pennies on the dollar compared to what people in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. charge.  As they say, people get what they pay for.

Introductory Pricing

We plan on adding more content to the ebook over time and we’ll also increase the price and offer our ebook to a broader audience.  When you secure your copy of “Nap Time Cash” today, you’ll save $10.00 off the official launch price.  You can get your copy today for just $5.95 instead of the $15.95 price.

Click Here To Order Nap Time Cash


Payment is made via 100% secure PayPal. PayPal funds, check, and credit card accepted.  Once you complete your order, you will be provided with instructions on what to do next and how to receive your ebook.

Thanks and we hope that you enjoy (and use) Nap Time Cash to make some extra cash every month!

Jane and Tarzan

P.S… Remember, because this is our first ebook for HisBoysCanSwim and because of our special introductory offer, you can save $10.00 today and secure your copy of “Nap Time Cash” for just $5.95 today.  Click here to place your 100% secure order and get instant access to our ebook today!

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