Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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Welcome fellow Twitterer!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves…

janeAbout Jane: Hello! My name is Jane and I’m a brand new mommy!  I’ve been blogging about my pregnancy journey in a very unique and top secret way here on our blog.  (We weren’t planning… it was a BIG surprise!)  My husband “Tarzan” and I have shared our entire pregnancy journey here at HisBoysCanSwim.com.  And now we’re officially parents as of the end of July and suddenly we’ve transformed into a parenthood and baby blog too!

My husband Tarzan handles the tech stuff, writes his own blog posts from a soon-to-be father’s perspective, and does a pretty darn good job keeping this new mom happy. :)

To read about our fun-filled story and how everything happened, click here to read our about us page.

tarzan1About Tarzan: Hey everyone!  Although you already know Jane from Twitter, I’m the guy who made all of this possible.  Yes, I am the one who has boys that can successfully swim!  Shortly after Jane became pregnant, I decided it would be fun for us to blog about our journey together and came up with “His Boys Can Swim”.  Little did I know how much fun we’d be having and how many great people we’d be meeting!

If you’re an expecting mother, feel free to pass along our website to your husband, or anyone else you know who is a soon-to-be Dad.  We have TONS of post about pregnancy and cover all the things you were afraid to talk to your friends and family about. :)  Also, I’d love to hear from other soon-to-be Dad’s and share in this exciting journey with others.

Oh and one final note, we are sharing EVERYTHING on this pregnancy and baby blog.  We have not and will not share this site with friends or family.  This means we’re free to tell you how it is, tell you what we’re going through, and not be bogged down or worried about what others may think.  You get to see it all!

To go to the home page of our blog and read our posts, click here.

We thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave some comments on our blog posts – we love reading them!

Your friends,

Tarzan and Jane

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